Education Oversight Committee

Academic Standards & Assessments Subcommittee

Monday, January 27, 2013
2:00 PM, Room 433, Blatt Building

  1. Welcome and Introductions ... Dr. Merck

  2. Approval of the Minutes of November 18, 2013 ... Dr. Merck

  3. Action Item:
    Revisions to the Science Standards ... Mrs. Barton

  4. Action Item:
    Cyclical Review of the Accountability System ... Mrs. Barton

    Adjournment ... Dr. Merck

Academic Standards and Assessments Subcommittee Members:
Dr. Danny Merck, Chairman
Sen. Mike Fair
Mrs. Barbara Hairfield
Sen. Wes Hayes
Mrs. Patti Tate


PO Box 11867
227 Blatt Building
Columbia SC 29211

J. Phillip Bowers
Anne H. Bull
Mike Fair
Margaret Anne Gaffney
Barbara B. Hairfield
Nikki Haley
R. Wesley Hayes, Jr.
Alex Martin
John W. Matthews, Jr.
Daniel B. Merck
Joseph H. Neal
Andrew S. Patrick
Neil C. Robinson, Jr.
J. Roland Smith
Patti J. Tate
John Warner
David Whittemore
Mick Zais

Melanie D. Barton

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