View Amendment Current Amendment: 327R001.lam.docx to Bill 327 Senators MCCONNELL and DAVIS proposed the following amendment (327R001.LAM):
Amend the Committee Amendment, as and if amended, by striking the amendment in its entirety and inserting:
/     Be it resolved by the Senate:

That the Rules of the Senate are amended by adding:

"Rule 53

Seventy-Two Hour Budget Review

    Except for explanatory remarks by the chairman and subcommittee chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee, the Senate may not consider the General Appropriation Bill, any Supplemental Appropriation Bill, any Joint Resolution appropriating revenues from the state's reserve funds, any bond bill, or any revenue raising measure as described in Section 11-11-440 until the Bill or Joint Resolution and any Committee Report on the Bill or Joint Resolution have been made publicly available in a conspicuous location on the General Assembly's website for seventy-two (72) hours.
    The time periods provided above may be waived by agreement of two-thirds (2/3) of the Senators present and voting."
    Renumber sections to conform.             Amend title to conform.