View Amendment Current Amendment: 3 to Bill 3246 Rep. HART proposes the following Amendment No. 3 to H. 3246 (COUNCIL\MS\7250AHB11):

Reference is to Printer's Date .

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by adding an appropriately numbered SECTION at the end to read:

/ SECTION      __.      Section 61-4-580 of the 1976 Code is amended to read:

     "Section 61-4-580.      (A)      NoA holder of a permit authorizing the sale of beer or wine or a servant, agent, or employee of the permittee may not knowingly commit any of the following acts upon the licensed premises covered by the holder's permit:
     (1)      sell beer or wine to a person under twenty-one years of age;
     (2)      sell beer or wine to an intoxicated person;
     (3)      place individual bottles, cans, or other single-serving sized receptacles containing beer or wine in a nonpermanent portable container or cooler within ten feet of a door used for ingress or egress from a licensed establishment;
     (4)      permit gambling or games of chance except game promotions including contests, games of chance, or sweepstakes in which the elements of chance and prize are present and which comply with the following:
           (a)      the game promotion is conducted or offered in connection with the sale, promotion, or advertisement of a consumer product or service, or to enhance the brand or image of a supplier of consumer products or services;
           (b)      no purchase payment, entry fee, or proof of purchase is required as a condition of entering the game promotion or receiving a prize; and
           (c)      all materials advertising the game promotion clearly disclose that no purchase or payment is necessary to enter and provide details on the free method of participation.;
     (4)(5)      permit lewd, immoral, or improper entertainment, conduct, or practices. This includesincluding, but is not limited to, entertainment, conduct, or practices where a person is in a state of undress so as to expose the human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks cavity with less than a full opaque covering;
     (5)(6)      permit anyan act, the commission of which tends to create a public nuisance or which constitutes a crime under the laws of this State; or
     (6)(7)      sell, offer for sale, or possess any beverage or alcoholic liquors the sale or possession of which is prohibited on the licensed premises under the lawlaws of this State; or
     (7)(8)      conduct, operate, organize, promote, advertise, run, or participate in a 'drinking contest' or 'drinking game'. For purposes of this item, 'drinking contest' or 'drinking game' includes, but is not limited to, a contest, game, event, or other endeavor which encourages or promotes the consumption of beer or wine by participants at extraordinary speed or in increased quantities or in more potent form. 'Drinking contest' or 'drinking game' does not include a contest, game, event, or endeavor in which beer or wine is not used or consumed by participants as part of the contest, game, event, or endeavor, but instead is used solely as a reward or prize. Selling beer or wine in the regular course of business is not considered a violation of this section.
     (B)      A violation of anya provision of this section is a ground for the revocation or suspension of the holder's permit." /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.