View Amendment Current Amendment: JUD0231.004.docx to Bill 231     Senator SHEHEEN proposed the following amendment (JUD0231.004):
    Amend the Committee Report, as and if amended, by striking on page [231-2], as contained in Section 61-4-550(D), lines 27 through 33 in their entirety, and inserting the following:

    /     (D)     Organizations granted permits pursuant to this section are subject to penalties imposed pursuant to violations of Article 1, Chapter 4, Title 61. The department may issue up to twenty-five temporary permits to sell beer and wine on one application for special functions in a twelve-month period to the same applicant, if that applicant is also applying for up to twenty-five temporary licenses to sell alcoholic liquors by the drink, pursuant to Section 61-6-2000(D). This does not prohibit the applicant from applying for additional special permits within the same twelve-month period."         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.