View Amendment Current Amendment: DG 2dssteen.DOCX to Bill 3700     Senator HUTTO proposes the following amendment (DG 2DSSTEEN):
    Amend Amendment #73A bearing path number L:\S-RES\AMEND\3700.R067.LKG.DOCX by striking paragraph 80C.2 and inserting:
/         26.22.     (DSS: Teen Pregnancy Prevention)     (A)     From the monies appropriated for the Continuation of Teen Pregnancy Prevention, the department must award two contracts to separate private, non-profit 501(c)(3) entities to provide teen pregnancy prevention programs and services within the State.
    (B)     Contracts must be awarded utilizing a competitive approach in accordance with the South Carolina Procurement Code.
    (C)     The monies appropriated must be divided equally between the contracts and paid over a twelve month basis for services rendered. Unexpended funds shall be carried forward for the purpose of fulfilling the department's contractual agreement.
    (D) Entities that have a proven and public history of having effectively implemented abstinence programs in this State may be given a preference during the contract evaluation and awarding process. For the purposes of this proviso, a program is "effectively implemented" if the program has published positive behavioral outcomes by an independent and nationally recognized private or government agency demonstrating that a year after the program, program participants initiated sex at a rate of at least thirty percent lower than comparable non-program students.
    (E)(1)         One contract must be awarded to an entity that utilizes an abstinence first, age appropriate comprehensive approach to health and sexuality education with a goal of preventing adolescent pregnancy throughout South Carolina.
        (2)(a)     One contract must be awarded to an entity that uses a National Abstinence Clearinghouse (NAC) approved curricula for a minimum of one year prior to their application. NAC is the agency the federal Department of Health and Human Services has chosen to provide a comprehensive, national list of approved abstinence-only education curricula that is consistent with the A through H legislative requirements defined in Title V, Section 510(b)(2). Any entity that is awarded one of the above contracts must agree to provide data to verify the program effectiveness.
            (b)     The contract awarded pursuant to this item must be awarded to entities that utilize a program or evaluation process approved by, and under the supervision of, a federally approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) and have been evaluated and approved for medical accuracy by the United States Health and Human Services' Office of Adolescent Health. Contracts may also awarded to entities that do not meet these requirements on the date of the award but the entity must meet the requirements by the end of the fiscal year or the entity must forfeit the final quarterly payment.
            (c)     Prior to receiving funding the entities awarded the contracts pursuant to this item must verify that the program they implement meets the Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control Division of Adolescent School Health (CDC DASH) approved SMARTool (Systematic Method for Assessing Risk-avoidance Tool) minimum standard for abstinence curriculum evaluation or the Cooperate Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control Division of Reproductive Health Tool to Assess the Characteristics of Effective Sex and STD/HIV Education Programs.
    (F)     The programs implemented by the entities awarded contracts pursuant to this proviso may not violate any portion of the South Carolina Comprehensive Health Education Act when implemented in a school setting. An entity that violates any portion of the South Carolina Comprehensive Health Education Act must reimburse the State for all funds disbursed.     A five-member committee shall oversee the contract award process. The committee's first meeting shall be on or before August 1, 2009. The five member committee shall be composed as follows: the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall appoint two members of the committee, the Speaker of the House shall appoint two members of the committee and the Governor shall appoint one member of the committee. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation.         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.