View Amendment Current Amendment: 3695SD11.docx to Bill 3066     Senator HAYES proposed the following amendment (DKA\3695SD11):
    Amend the Committee Report of the Committee on Judiciary, as and if amended, Part IV - Legislative Fiscal Office, by adding a new SECTION immediately after SECTION 9, page [3066-10], after line 38, to be appropriately numbered to read:

/ SECTION     __.     Section 2-7-76 of the 1976 Code is amended to read:

    "Section 2-7-76.     (A)     The chairman of the legislative committee to which a bill or resolution was referred shall direct the Budget Division or the Economic Research Section of the Budget and Control Board, as appropriate, Legislative Fiscal Office to prepare and affix to it a statement of the estimated fiscal or and revenue impact and cost to the counties and municipalities of the proposed legislation before the legislation is reported out of that committee if a bill or resolution:
        (1)     requires a county or municipality to expend funds allocated to the county or municipality pursuant to Chapter 27 of Title 6;
        (2)     is introduced in the General Assembly to require the expenditure of funds by a county or municipality;
        (3)     requires the use of county or municipal personnel, facilities, or equipment to implement a general law or regulations promulgated pursuant to a general law; or
        (4)     relates to taxes imposed by political subdivisions.
    (B)     A revised estimated fiscal or and revenue impact and cost statement must be prepared at the direction of the presiding officer of the House of Representatives or the Senate by the Budget Division or Economic Research Section of the Budget and Control Board Legislative Fiscal Office before third reading of the bill or resolution, if there is a significant amendment to the bill or resolution.
    (C)     For purposes of this section, 'political subdivision' means a county, municipality, school district, special purpose district, public service district, or consolidated political subdivision." /
    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.