View Amendment Current Amendment: 20R022.GEC.docx to Bill 20     Senator CAMPSEN proposed the following amendment (20R022.GEC):
    Amend Amendment No. 2C, bearing file path L:\S-JUD\AMEND\JUD0020.018.DOCX, as and if amended, page 18, SECTION 12, by adding an appropriately lettered new subsection at the end of Section 41-8-50 to read:

/     ( )     A license suspension or revocation pursuant to this section:
        (1)     does not constitute a dissolution, liquidation, or a winding down process; or a transfer, or other taxable event for tax purposes, including, but not limited to, taxes imposed or authorized by Title 12; and
        (2)     does not affect protections against personal liability provided in Title 33."         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.