View Amendment Current Amendment: 5122CM12.docx to Bill 4003     The COMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION proposed the following amendment (SWB\5122CM12):
    Amend the concurrent resolution, as and if amended, by striking lines 22 through 42 on page 1 and lines 1 through 38 on page 2 in their entirety and inserting:

/ Whereas, the members of the South Carolina General Assembly are pleased to learn that the Abbeville High School football team garnered the Class A Division I State Championship title on November 26, 2010, and the Abbeville Softball team took top honors at the 2011 State Championship series on May 21, 2011; and

Whereas, to the delight of their fans and the disappointment of their foes, the Abbeville High School Panthers defeated the Lamar High School Silver Foxes 20 to 12, earning the Upper State football championship and the opportunity to win their first state championship since 1996; and

Whereas, honoring the reputation of the school mascot, the Panthers rushed four hundred thirty yards on their way to a crushing 42 to 13 victory over the Bamberg-Ehrhardt Red Raiders and controlled the ball for thirty of the forty-eight minutes of regulation play; and

Whereas, Panther Ashton Heard ran the ball two hundred thirty yards and scored two touchdowns on twenty-five carries; teammate La'Quavas Watt staked out one hundred sixty-seven yards and two touchdowns on twenty-six carries and caught a touchdown pass as well, and Tyler Boyles completed two passes, both for touchdowns; and

Whereas, the Panthers domination on the field offensively was matched by their defense that stopped three Raider attempts in the red zone, and two of those at the goal line resulted in successful ninety-nine-yard touchdown runs for the Panthers; and

Whereas, adding to a stellar performance by the Panther defense, Andrew Osborne brought down four tackles and blocked two punt attempts by the Red Raiders; and

Whereas, the Abbeville Panthers finished the season with an outstanding 13-1 record and remained undefeated in Region I play; and

Whereas, using their own athletic ability and training, Head Coach Jamie Nickles and his superb coaching staff forged a championship football team through rigorous practices and demanding drills and instilled a standard of excellence in these players that will prove invaluable to them throughout life both on and off the gridiron; and

Whereas, to the delight of their fans and the disappointment of their opponents, the Abbeville Lady Panthers defeated the Lake View High School Wild Gators 6-2 in the third game of the series and became the first girls team in the school's history to win a state title; and

Whereas, prior to the final game, each team had taken a single 1-0 victory in the first two games of the series, making the third game a do-or-die contest for both teams; and

Whereas, Lady Panther Gennifer Durham took the mound in the last game and pitched a complete game while teammate Jordan Ashley hit two home runs of the six total runs scored by her team; and

Whereas, through relentless practices and demanding drills, the Lady Panthers were undefeated in their region, taking the Region 1 championship on May 13, 2011, and finishing their year with a 26-3 overall record; and

Whereas, in a sport that requires skill, strength, and strategy, Head Coach Tim Collins and his fine coaching staff used their own athletic ability and training to forge a championship team, teaching lessons that will prove invaluable to these fine athletes throughout life both on and off the diamond; and

Whereas, it is fitting and proper to honor the Abbeville High School Panthers by erecting appropriate markers and signs along South Carolina Highways 28 and 72 that commemorate their championships. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly, request that the Department of Transportation erect appropriate markers or signs at the intersections of South Carolina Highway 28 and the Abbeville/Anderson County line, South Carolina Highway 28 and the Abbeville/McCormick County line, and South Carolina Highway 72 and the Abbeville/Greenwood County line that contain the words "Abbeville High School Panthers 2010 Class A State Football Champions, and 2011 Class A State Softball Champions". /

Amend the title of the concurrent resolution, as and if amended, by inserting before the /"/ on page 1, line 20:


    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.