View Amendment Current Amendment: 12103DG12.docx to Bill 11     The Committee on Finance proposed the following amendment (NBD\12103DG12):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking SECTION 2 and inserting:

/         SECTION     2.     Article 3, Chapter 4, Title 12 of the 1976 Code is amended by adding:

    "Section 12-4-397.     (A)     For purposes of this section, a 'tax statute of this State' means a statute imposing a tax or fee administrated by the South Carolina Department of Revenue.
    (B)     In applying the tax statutes of this State, the department's interpretation of the statutes must be based on the plain meaning of the statute's text and the legislative intent giving rise to the enactment of the statutes.
    (C)     Terms contained in the tax statutes of this State may not be given broader meaning in policy documents or regulations of the department beyond the meaning of the statute.
    (D)     At least twice annually, the department shall submit a report to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chairmen of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee regarding any discovered ambiguity in the meaning of a tax statute. The first report must be submitted no later than May first and the second report must be submitted no later than November first of each year."         /
    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.