View Amendment Current Amendment: H-5028-2.docx to Bill 5028 Senator CLEARY proposed the following amendment (H-5028-2):
    Amend the committee amendment as and if amended, page [5028-1] by striking lines 41-42, and on page [5028-2] by striking lines 1-15 and inserting:

/         (C)     Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 44-7-90, after June 30, 2012, a nursing home which exceeds its Medicaid patient days stated in its permit must be fined on the number of Medicaid patient days exceeding the permit days multiplied by its daily Medicaid per diem. Medicaid permit days provided to Complex Care residents, as certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, shall not be counted against the facility's Medicaid permit for the first six month of their care. Any Complex Care provided after six months shall be counted towards the facility's Medicaid permit day allocation. Complex Care reimbursement shall not be used in the fine calculation. A facility must be fined incrementally for exceeding its Medicaid permit. Violations above five and up to ten percent of the stated permit must be fined at thirty percent of its Medicaid per diem rate times the number of excess Medicaid permit days. A facility must be fined fifty percent of its Medicaid per diem rate for each excess day above ten and up to fifteen percent of its stated Medicaid permit. A facility must be fined seventy percent of its Medicaid per diem rate for each day in excess of fifteen percent of its state Medicaid permit. A facility may appeal a fine based on circumstances related to a patient converting from Medicare to Medicaid and a facility's inability to discharge residents based on Federal mandates.         /

Amend the committee amendment further, page [5028-2] by striking lines 31-34 and inserting:

/         allocated the additional days. However, if Medicaid patient days remain available after being offered to those nursing homes currently holding a Medicaid patient day permit in that county, then existing nursing homes with a restricted Certificate of Need within the same county may apply for a Medicaid nursing home permit to receive the Medicaid patient days remaining available.                                         /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.