View Amendment Current Amendment: DG amendecdevres.DOCX to Bill 4813     Senator CLEARY proposes the following amendment (DG AMENDECDEVRES):
    Amend Amendment #25, which was adopted on 5/16/12, bearing document number N:\S-FINANC\AMEND\DG ECODEV.DOCX, by striking the amendment in its entirety and inserting:

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 70, LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT, page 459, after line 3, by adding an appropriately numbered paragraph to read:

/     /     70.___     (LEG: Economic Development Research)     (A)     From the funds appropriated to the Senate and the House of Representatives, there is created the Economic Development Research Committee. This committee shall review, examine, and make recommendations regarding steps that should be taken to improve the economy of this State and to restore a substantially greater sense of financial security to the citizens of this State.
    (B)     The twenty-five member committee is composed of:
        (1)     one member appointed by the Lieutenant Governor;
        (2)     one member appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;
        (3)     the Secretary of Commerce, or his designee;
        (4)     the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, or his designee;
        (5)     a county economic development director from each Congressional district chosen by the economic development person or his designee from the office of the member of Congress representing each district;
        (6)     the Dean of the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, the Dean of the Francis Marion University School of Business, the Dean of the South Carolina State University School of Business, the Dean of the College of Charleston School of Business and Economics, the Dean of the Clemson University College of Business, and the Dean of the Winthrop University College of Business Administration;
        (7)     the Chairman of the Board of Economic Advisors;
        (8)     the Secretary of Agriculture, or his designee;
        (9)     the Director of the Department of Employment and Workforce;
        (10)     the Chairman of the State Ports Authority, or his designee;
        (11)     the Director of the Office of Small and Minority Business Assistance;
        (12)     the President of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, or his designee;
        (13)     the President of the South Carolina Manufacturers' Alliance, or his designee;
        (14)     the South Carolina Technical College System Vice President for Economic and Workforce Competitiveness; and
        (15)     the President of the South Carolina Economic Developers' Association, or his designee.
    (C)     The Lieutenant Governor shall serve as the chairperson of the committee.
    (D)     A vacancy occurring on the committee must be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.
    (E)     The staffing for the committee must be provided by the appropriate committees of the Senate and House of Representatives that oversee legislation affecting economic development and finance in this State.
    (F)     The committee shall submit its report to the General Assembly and Governor before June 30, 2013, at which time the Economic Development Research Committee is abolished.         /     /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend sections, totals and title to conform.