View Amendment Current Amendment: JUD4801.004.DOCX to Bill 4801     Senators ALEXANDER and BRYANT proposed the following amendment (JUD4801.004).DOCX)):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking subsection 6-13-230(A), beginning on line 32 on page 1 and inserting:

/         "Section 6-13-230(A)(1).     The district shall must be operated and managed by a board of directors to be known as the Pioneer Rural Water District Board of Oconee and Anderson Counties which shall constitute constitutes the governing body of the district. The board shall must consist of five resident electors of the area who shall be appointed by the Governor, upon the recommendation of a majority of those persons attending a meeting of residents of the area held pursuant to at least one week's notice in a local newspaper giving the time and place of the meeting. The chairman and secretary of the meeting shall certify the names of those recommended to the Governor. The original appointments must be for a term of two years for two appointees, for four years for two appointees, and for six years for one appointee. All terms after the initial appointments shall be for six years. All appointees shall hold office until their successors shall have been appointed and qualify. The initial terms of office shall begin as of June 8 1965. Any vacancy shall be filled in like manner as the original appointment for the unexpired portion of the term. Immediately after appointment, the board shall meet and organize by the election of one of its members as chairman, one as vice chairman, one as secretary and one as treasurer. The offices of the secretary and treasurer may be combined in the discretion of the board of five residents of the service area of the district who are qualified electors of Anderson or Oconee counties. Board members serving on this section's effective date shall serve the remainder of their six year terms and until their successors are elected and qualified. Upon the expiration of the term of each member serving on this section's effective date, the member's term will be for three years and until a successor is elected and qualified. The members must be elected to represent distinct service areas. A vacancy must be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
        (2)     Each board member must be elected by the customers of Pioneer Rural Water District who are both (a) residents of the service area and (b) qualified electors of Anderson or Oconee county. Each member is entitled to one vote, provided that the member casting the vote is both a resident of the service area and a qualified elector of Anderson or Oconee county.

Renumber sections to conform.    
Amend title to conform.