View Amendment Current Amendment: 87 to Bill 4701 Reps. W.J. MCLEOD, FUNDERBURK, DILLARD, J.E. SMITH, Robinson-Simpson, Knight and Powers-Norrell propose the following Amendment No. 87 to H.4701 as introduced by Ways & Means
(Doc Name h:\legwork\house\amend\h-wm\004\national board $7,500.docx):

EXPLANATION: Deletes language suspending applications for Fiscal Year 2014-15

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 1A, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION - EIA, page 379, paragraph 1A.49, lines 14-17, by striking the lines in their entirety.

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend totals and titles to conform.