View Amendment Current Amendment: 82 to Bill 4701 Rep. JEFFERSON proposes the following Amendment No. to H.4701 as introduced by Ways & Means
(Doc Name h:\legwork\house\amend\h-wm\004\mentoring pilot.docx):
EXPLANATION: Directs $150,000 for a mentoring/Tutoring pilot

Amend the bill, as and if amended, Part IB, Section 1A, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION - EIA, page 383, after line 25, by adding an appropriately numbered paragraph to read:
/ (SDE:EIA: Mentoring Pilot) Of the funds appropriated in part 1A, Section XII, A.3, Reading, $150,000 must be directed out of the amount retained by the department for administration for a mentoring and tutoring pilot. School districts wishing to participate must submit a plan to the State Board of Education no later than August 15, 2014. By June 1, 2015, districts participating must provide a report to the Education Oversight Committee on a form prescribed by the agency that contains at a minimum the number of students served and the services provided. /

Renumber sections to conform.
Amend totals and titles to conform.