View Amendment Current Amendment: 998R001.LKG.docx to Bill 998     The Committee on Transportation proposed the following amendment (998R001.LKG):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, by striking all after the enacting words and inserting:

/     SECTION     1.     Section 56-16-140(A) of the 1976 Code is amended to read:

    "(A)(1)     Before engaging in business as a motorcycle dealer or wholesaler in this State, every person must first make application to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a license. Every license issued expires twelve months from the date of issue and must be prominently displayed at the established place of business. The fee for the license is fifty dollars. The license applies to only one place of business of the applicant and is not transferable to any other person or place of business, except as provided in item (2).
        (2)(a)     A licensed dealer may exhibit motorcycles and their related products at fairs, recreational or sports shows, vacation shows, and other similar events or shows upon obtaining a dealer's exhibition license. Before exhibiting motorcycles and their related products as provided in this item, the dealer shall first apply to the department for an exhibition license. The applicant shall provide the department with the name, location, and dates of the particular exhibition for which he is seeking an exhibition license.
            (b)     A dealer must hold a valid dealer's license pursuant to this section to be issued an exhibition license. Exhibition licenses are valid for a period not to exceed ten consecutive days, must be prominently displayed at the exhibition site, apply to only the licensee, and may not be transferred to another dealer or exhibition location. A dealer may not purchase more than six exhibition licenses in any licensing period."

SECTION     2.     This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.                 /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.