View Amendment Current Amendment: 940C017.BH.DG14.docx to Bill 940     Senator CLEARY proposed the following amendment (BH\940C017.BH.DG14):
    Amend the bill, as and if amended, SECTION 1, Section 4-10-470, by adding an appropriately lettered subsection to read:

    /         ( )(1)     The Education Capital Improvements Sales and Use Tax authorized by this article also may be imposed in a county which does not meet the collection requirements of subsection (A) so long as:
            (a)     the county only has one school district which encompasses the entire county area in which the tax is to be imposed; and
            (b)     the county collected at least one million dollars in state accommodations taxes as imposed pursuant to Section 12-36-920(A) in the most recent fiscal year for which full collection figures are available. Once a county meets this threshold, it thereafter remains eligible to impose this tax pursuant to this subsection.             /

    Amend title to conform.
    Renumber sections to conform.