View Amendment Current Amendment: 9 to Bill 4386 Rep. STAVRINAKIS proposes the following Amendment No. 9 to S. 986

Reference is to Printer's Date 3/27/14--H.

Amend the bill, as and if amended, by adding an appropriately numbered new SECTION to read:

/      SECTION      ___.      Section 56-7-10 of the 1976 Code, as last amended by Act 68 of 2005, is further amended to read:

     "Section 56-7-10.      (A)      There will be a uniform traffic ticket used by all law enforcement officers in arrests for traffic offenses and for the following additional offenses:
           Offense            Citation
Interfering with Police Officer Serving
     Process            Section 16-5-50
Dumping Trash on Highway/Private Property      Section 16-11-700
Indecent Exposure            Section 16-15-130
Disorderly Conduct            Section 16-17-530
Damaging Highway            Section 57-7-10
Place Glass, Nails, Etc. on Highway            Section 57-7-20
Obstruction of Highway by Railroad Cars,
     Etc.            Section 57-7-240
Signs Permitted on Interstate            Section 57-25-140
Brown Bagging            Section 61-5-20
Drinking Liquors in Public Conveyance            Section 61-13-360
Poles Dragging on Highway            Section 57-7-80
Open Container            Section 61-9-87
Purchase or Possession of Beer or
     Wine by a Person Under Age            Section 63-19-2440
Purchase or Possession of Alcoholic
     Liquor by a Person Under Age
     Twenty-One            Section 63-19-2450
Unlawful Possession and Consumption
     of Alcoholic Liquors            Section 61-5-30
Sale of Beer or Wine on Which Tax Has
     Not Been Paid            Section 61-9-20
Falsification of Age to Purchase Beer
     or Wine            Section 61-9-50
Unlawful Purchase of Beer or Wine for
     a Person Who Cannot Legally Buy            Section 61-9-60
Unlawful Sale or Purchase of Beer or Wine,
     Giving False Information as to Age, Buying
     Beer or Wine Unlawfully for Another            Section 61-9-85
Employment of a Person Under the Age
     of Twenty-One as an Employee in
     Retail or Wholesale or Manufacturing
     Liquor Business            Section 61-13-340
Failure to Remove Doors from
     Abandoned Refrigerators            Section 16-3-1010
Malicious Injury to Animals or Personal
     Property            Section 16-11-510
Timber, Logs, or Lumber Cutting, Removing,
     Transporting Without Permission, Valued
     at Less Than Fifty Dollars            Section 16-11-580
Littering            Section 16-11-700
Larceny of a Bicycle Valued at Less Than
     One Hundred Dollars            Section 16-13-80
Cock Fighting            Section 16-17-650
Ticket Scalping            Section 16-17-710
Glue Sniffing            Section 44-53-1110
Trespassing            Section 16-11-755
Trespassing            Section 16-11-600
Trespassing            Section 16-11-610
Trespassing            Section 16-11-620
Negligent Operation of Watercraft;
     Operation of Watercraft While Under
     Influence of Alcohol or Drugs            Section 50-21-110
Negligence of Boat Livery to Provide
     Proper Equipment and Registration            Section 50-21-120
Interference with Aids to Navigation
     or Regulatory Markers or Operation of
     Watercraft in Prohibited Area            Section 50-21-170
Operation of Watercraft Without a
     Certificate of Title            Section 50-23-190
Parking on private property without
     permission            Section 16-11-760
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection;
     Requirement for Out-of-State Livestock
     or Poultry            Section 47-4-60
Inhibition of Livestock Inspection            Section 47-4-120
Imported Swine            Section 47-6-50
Operating Equine Sales Facility or
     Livestock Market Without Permit            Section 47-11-20
Liability of Person Removing Livestock
     for Slaughter            Section 47-11-120
Notice to Disinfect            Section 47-13-310
Quarantine of Livestock or Poultry            Section 47-4-70
Unlawful for Horse to Enter State Unless
     Tested            Section 47-13-1350
Quarantine of Exposed Horses            Section 47-13-1360
Proof of Test Required for Public
     Assembly of Horses            Section 47-13-1370
False Certificates            Section 47-13-1390
Unlawful to Feed Garbage to Swine            Section 47-15-20
Notification Required from Certain
     Persons Disposing of Garbage            Section 47-15-40
Sale of Uninspected Meat and Meat Products      Section 47-17-60
Sale of Uninspected Poultry and Poultry
     Products            Section 47-19-70
     (B)      No other ticket may be used for these offenses. The service of the uniform traffic ticket shall vest all traffic, recorders', and magistrates' courts with jurisdiction to hear and to dispose of the charge for which the ticket was issued and served. This ticket will be designed by the department and approved by the Attorney General within thirty days of submission by the department. A law enforcement agency may utilize computers and other electronic devices to issue uniform traffic citations and store information resulting from the issuance of a traffic citation if this method of issuing a citation has been approved by the Department of Public Safety.
     (C)      Incident to a plea negotiation or agreement, a law enforcement officer or other person authorized by law to prosecute an offense for which a uniform traffic ticket is issued may invalidate the ticket and reissue a uniform traffic ticket for another offense."


Renumber sections to conform.
Amend title to conform.