View Amendment Current Amendment: JUD1147.003.DOCX to Bill 1147 Senators RANKIN, BENNETT, and HEMBREE proposed the following amendment (JUD1147.003):

    Amend the Committee Report, as and if amended, by striking the Committee Report in its entirety and inserting the following:

    /     (B)(1)     Pursuant to the provisions of this article, in the case of an individual's disappearance in which the assets of the missing individual total twenty-five thousand dollars or less, and no person was previously appointed by the missing individual to have general authority to act on behalf of the missing individual, a spouse or next of kin of the missing individual, upon submitting a document that complies with the requirements of Section 62-1-507(3), may petition the court to be appointed the temporary conservator of the missing individual's property for a six-month period of time. For such temporary conservator appointments of missing individual's estates, the petitioner may request a hearing on an emergency basis, with the appointment of an attorney for the missing individual and the setting of a bond being temporarily waived. The petitioner must also comply with all notice requirements. The appointment of a spouse or next of kin as a temporary conservator for the property of a missing individual does not alter the ability of the spouse or next of kin to apply for appointment as the conservator after the expiration of the six-month period, pursuant to the provisions of Part 4, Article 5, Title 62.
        (2)     For estates that total more than twenty-five thousand dollars, the provisions of Section 62-5-408(1) shall apply for the appointment of temporary conservators.
        (3)     Termination of the conservatorship shall occur pursuant to the provisions of Section 62-5-430(B), upon application to the court that the missing person is no longer missing or deceased, and the court orders the termination of the conservatorship."                 /

    Renumber sections to conform.
    Amend title to conform.