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Updated through the end of the 2000 Session

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Title 59 - Education



SECTION 59-114-10. Short title.

This chapter may be cited as "The South Carolina National Guard Tuition Assistance Act".

SECTION 59-114-20. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Adjutant General" shall mean the South Carolina Adjutant General.

(2) "Academic year" shall mean any period of three hundred sixty-five days beginning with the first day of enrollment for a course of instruction by a National Guard member.

(3) "Eligible institution" shall mean:

(a) any institution of higher learning located in this State and any post-secondary business or technical education school located in this State;

(b) any vocational or training school which shall have received the approval of the Adjutant General.

(4) "National Guard" shall mean South Carolina National Guard.

(5) "Tuition" shall mean the amount charged for registering or credit hours of instruction and shall not include other fees, charges or costs of textbooks.

SECTION 59-114-30. Tuition assistance grants; limitations on amount and period of eligibility.

Qualifying members of the National Guard may receive tuition assistance grants, not to exceed one thousand dollars per twelve semester hours. No member may qualify for these grants for more than four separate academic years, and a new application must be submitted for each separate academic year for which tuition assistance is sought.

SECTION 59-114-40. Requirements to qualify for tuition assistance.

Members of the National Guard enrolled or planning to enroll in an eligible institution may apply to the Adjutant General for tuition assistance. To qualify, an applicant must be seeking:

(1) trade or vocational training;

(2) to attain a two-year associate degree;

(3) to attain a four-year baccalaureate degree.

Additionally, an applicant must have a minimum National Guard service obligation of two years beyond the end of the academic period for which tuition is requested or must agree in writing to formally incur this obligation upon approval of the tuition assistance grant and must meet other criteria established by the Adjutant General by regulation promulgated pursuant to this chapter.

SECTION 59-114-50. Administration of program; regulations.

The Adjutant General shall administer this program. He may delegate authority to his subordinates within the South Carolina Military Department as is necessary to implement the program. The Adjutant General shall promulgate regulations specifying additional eligibility criteria for tuition assistance grants which shall include, but not be limited to, prior National Guard service requirements, required levels of military occupational skill proficiency, and recommendations required of an applicant's National Guard supervisors. Additionally, regulations shall be promulgated setting forth standards of academic performance to be met by persons receiving assistance in order to qualify for assistance in future years and, as necessary, specifically approving vocational and training schools as eligible institutions.

SECTION 59-114-60. Agreements for rebating or carrying forward credit on accounts.

The Adjutant General shall have authority to enter into agreements with eligible institutions, with concurrence of the State Budget and Control Board, for rebating or carrying forward credit on accounts of qualifying members who because of illness, injury or other circumstances withdraw from course work prior to completion of the tuition period.

SECTION 59-114-70. Tuition assistance payments made directly to applicants.

All tuition assistance payments must be made directly to the qualifying applicant who demonstrates to the Adjutant General successful completion of twelve semester hours or a pro rata share of twelve semester hours at an eligible institution as defined by this chapter.

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