1976 South Carolina Code of Laws
Updated through the end of the 2001 Session

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Title 59 - Education



SECTION 59-108-10. Membership; terms, vacancies, and officers; Educational Advisory Committee.

There is hereby created the Mid-Carolina Commission for Higher Education. This body, hereinafter called the commission, shall be composed of nine members from Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee Counties who shall be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of a majority of the legislative delegations of the appropriate counties as herein provided. The members shall be appointed for terms of four years each and shall serve until their successors shall have been appointed and qualify. The present members of the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education established by Act 50 of 1965 shall become the initial members of the governing board of the commission.

Upon the expiration of the terms of the two members currently serving on the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education whose terms next expire after the effective date of this chapter, one member of the commission shall be appointed by the Governor from Clarendon and Lee Counties, respectively, in this order, upon recommendation of the legislative delegation of the appropriate county.

Vacancies on the commission shall be filled in the manner of original appointment.

The members shall elect a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer from among their membership and shall organize and adopt rules and procedures necessary to carry out their duties.

To facilitate its work the commission is authorized to appoint from its member counties as considered appropriate, an Educational Advisory Committee consisting of not less than ten nor more than fifteen members which shall meet and consult with the commission as may be required. All members of the Educational Advisory Committee shall serve without compensation or fees.

SECTION 59-108-20. Meetings.

The commission may meet at such times and places as to the majority of the members seems most desirable. Meetings may be called by the chairperson of the commission or on the written request and signatures of five members.

SECTION 59-108-30. Purpose of commission.

The commission shall have as its purpose the encouragement of higher education in its member counties and, more specifically, the establishment in its member counties of facilities to offer college courses and other post-secondary courses as considered desirable.

SECTION 59-108-40. Powers of commission; liability of counties represented on commission.

To carry out this purpose and objective, the commission, with the approval of a majority of its members, is empowered to enter into contracts, make binding agreements, negotiate with educators and educational institutions, and to take actions in its name as are necessary to secure for its member counties the educational facilities above described; provided, that any county represented on the commission shall not be bound nor held liable for any acts or omissions of the commission, nor by any provision of any contract or agreement, expressed or implied, except upon the written approval and consent of a majority of the governing body of that county.

SECTION 59-108-50. Records and reports of commission; accounting of funds.

The commission shall keep accurate and detailed records of its meetings and actions and as soon after June thirtieth of each year as is feasible, shall submit a written report to the legislative delegations of the participating counties which shall include an accounting of all funds the commission may have received and disbursed in the twelve months preceding that date.

SECTION 59-108-60. Devolution of duties and functions.

The duties and functions of the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education are hereby devolved upon the Mid-Carolina Commission for Higher Education. All personnel, property, and funds of the Sumter County Commission for Higher Education are transferred to the commission on the effective date of this chapter.

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