1976 South Carolina Code of Laws
Updated through the end of the 2003 Session

This statutory database is current through the 2003 Regular Session of the South Carolina General Assembly. Changes to the statutes enacted by the 2004 General Assembly, which will convene in January 2004, will be incorporated as soon as possible. Some changes enacted by the 2004 General Assembly may take immediate effect. The State of South Carolina and the South Carolina Legislative Council make no warranty as to the accuracy of the data, and users rely on the data entirely at their own risk.

Title 59 - Education



SECTION 59-145-10. Single-gender education at college level beneficial to both sexes; public policy of State to support establishment and maintenance of single-gender programs of higher learning.

The General Assembly finds that some students, both male and female, benefit from attending a single-gender college. For these students, the opportunity to attend a single-gender college is a valuable experience, likely to lead to better academic and professional achievements. The General Assembly therefore adopts the findings of fact in U.S. v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 44 F.3d 1229, 1232, 1238 (4th Cir. 1995) that "single-gender education at the college level is beneficial to both sexes". Further, in that single-gender education is both beneficial and justifiable, the General Assembly finds that providing opportunities for students to attend a single-gender college fulfills an important and legitimate state objective, and therefore declares and stipulates that it is the public policy of the State to support the establishment and maintenance of single-gender programs of higher learning for both sexes. Single-gender offerings to both men and women need not be identical in form and detail, but should be designed to produce substantively comparable outcomes.

SECTION 59-145-20. Funding for single-gender offerings.

The General Assembly shall annually provide such funding as may be necessary, under the auspices of the Commission on Higher Education, to establish and maintain approved single-gender offerings, provided that the commission shall not be authorized to require any change to a court approved single-gender education program which would hinder the program's ability to produce a substantively comparable outcome.

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