1976 South Carolina Code of Laws
Updated through the end of the 2005 Regular Session


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Title 2 - General Assembly


SECTION 2-66-10. Award purpose; criteria.

(A) There is created the Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award which may be presented to no more than four recipients each year by the General Assembly. At the discretion of the awards advisory committee, an additional Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award may be presented to no more than one folk arts advocate each year by the General Assembly.

(B) The purpose of the award is to recognize lifetime achievement in this State for traditional folk art. The award recognizes individuals or groups who have used their lives to create beauty and meaning for their communities and the State as a whole in ways that are significant because they have lasted, often for hundreds of years. Winners of the award represent those who have demonstrated excellence in folk art, and have maintained and enriched the lives of all persons of their communities and of the State through their unique talents.

(C) Criteria for the award are as follows:

(1) emphasis on authenticity of tradition, giving the highest priority to those crafts with a long history of practice in this State;

(2) the significance of the individual folk artist or folk art group in maintaining or stimulating the craft to higher levels of artistic achievement; or, the significance of the folk arts advocate in supporting authentic South Carolina traditional craft or interpreting it to a wider audience;

(3) the award must be given to folk artists living and practicing in this State.

(D) There is established an awards advisory committee to the South Carolina Arts Commission whose purpose is to choose award recipients. This advisory committee must be composed of six members who shall serve two-year terms. The members of the advisory committee shall receive no mileage, per diem, or subsistence unless provided for by private funds. The advisory committee is comprised of:

(1) one member of the South Carolina Arts Commission, or a designee;

(2) the Folk Arts Coordinator at McKissick Museum;

(3) two citizens, one of whom represents the Afro-American community, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives;

(4) two citizens, one of whom represents the American Indian community, to be appointed by the President of the Senate.

(E) State funds may be used for this award in an amount not to exceed two thousand dollars per year. Private funds may be raised to cover any expenses incurred or associated with presenting the award and these funds must be remitted to and managed and disbursed by the South Carolina Arts Commission.

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