1976 South Carolina Code of Laws
Updated through the end of the 2005 Regular Session


This statutory database is current through the 2005 Regular Session of the South Carolina General Assembly. Changes to the statutes enacted by the 2006 General Assembly, which will convene in January 2006, will be incorporated as soon as possible. Some changes enacted by the 2006 General Assembly may take immediate effect. The State of South Carolina and the South Carolina Legislative Council make no warranty as to the accuracy of the data, or changes which may have been enacted since the 2005 Regular Session or which took effect after this database was prepared and users rely on the data entirely at their own risk.

Title 41 - Labor and Employment


SECTION 41-42-10. South Carolina State Employment Service; division of Employment Security Commission; free public employment offices; powers and duties of division.

The South Carolina Employment Security Commission shall create a division to be known as the "South Carolina State Employment Service" which shall establish and maintain free public employment offices in such number and in such places as may be necessary for the proper administration of Chapters 27 through 42 of this title and for the purpose of performing such duties as are within the purview of the act of Congress, entitled "An Act to Provide for the Establishment of a National Employment System and for Cooperation With the States in the Promotion of Such System, and for Other Purposes", approved June 6, 1933 (48 Stat. 113, U. S. Code, Title 29, Section 49(c) as amended). All duties and powers formerly conferred upon any other department, agency or officer of this State relating to the establishment, maintenance and operation of free public employment offices shall be vested in such division.

SECTION 41-42-20. Director; powers and duties; appointment of director and other officers and employees.

The division shall be administered by a full-time salaried director, who shall cooperate with any official or agency of the United States having powers or duties under provisions of such act of Congress and shall do and perform all things necessary to secure to this State the benefits of that act of Congress in the promotion and maintenance of a system of public employment offices. The Commission shall appoint the director and other officers and employees of the State Employment Service. Such appointments shall be made in accordance with regulations issued under Section 41-29-90.

SECTION 41-42-30. Provisions of federal act establishing national employment system accepted by State; South Carolina Employment Security Commission is cooperating state agency.

The provisions of the act of Congress mentioned in Section 41-42-10 are hereby accepted by this State, in conformity with Section 4 of that act and this State will observe and comply with the requirements thereof. The South Carolina Employment Security Commission is hereby designated and constituted the agency of this State for the purposes of that act.

SECTION 41-42-40. Division authorized to enter into agreements; may accept contributions to unemployment compensation administration fund.

For the purpose of establishing and maintaining free public employment offices the division may enter into agreement with any political subdivision of this State or with any private nonprofit organization and as a part of any such agreement the Commission may accept moneys, services or quarters as a contribution to the unemployment compensation administration fund.

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