1976 South Carolina Code of Laws
Updated through the end of the 2005 Regular Session


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Title 51 - Parks, Recreation and Tourism


SECTION 51-11-10. Recreation Land Trust Fund created; purpose; administration.

There is hereby created the Recreation Land Trust Fund, hereafter referred to as the trust fund, which shall be kept separate from any other funds of the State. The trust fund shall be under the control of and administered by the Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism for the purposes of acquiring recreational lands, the development of utilities and roads on lands owned or controlled by the department, and for such related professional and technical services, legal fees, court costs or such other costs as may be involved in the acquisition and development of such lands. The State Treasurer shall be the custodian of the fund, and all moneys and securities in the fund shall be held in trust by the State Treasurer.

SECTION 51-11-15. Grants to local governments for acquisition of recreational land.

The Director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism may make grants to local governments from the Recreation Land Trust Fund for the acquisition of recreational lands in accordance with guidelines to be promulgated by the department.

SECTION 51-11-20. Restriction on use of trust fund.

No funds provided for in this chapter shall be expended to acquire property by eminent domain nor shall such funds be expended for any property without the approval of the State Budget and Control Board. The moneys in the trust fund shall be carried forward each year and used only for the purposes provided for in this chapter.

SECTION 51-11-30. Transfer of Tricentennial Fund.

The State Treasurer shall transfer to the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism that portion of the former Tricentennial Fund consisting of nine hundred eighty-two thousand, seven dollars and fifty cents recovered in litigation as a result of defects in certain buildings owned by the former Tricentennial Commission. Five hundred thousand dollars of such moneys shall be deposited in the trust fund and the balance shall be used by the department for capital improvements as it sees fit.

SECTION 51-11-40. South Carolina Outdoor Recreation Plan of 1970.

The department shall file a copy of its South Carolina Outdoor Recreation Plan of 1970 with the Secretary of State. The plan, and amendments thereto, and such formulas and priorities promulgated by the department for the purpose of administering it, shall serve as a guide for the expenditure of these funds.

SECTION 51-11-50. Approval of expenditures.

No funds provided for in this chapter shall be expended without prior approval of the State Budget and Control Board.

SECTION 51-11-60. General Assembly shall receive reports of expenditures.

The Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism shall report by letter to the General Assembly not later than January fifteenth of each year all funds expended pursuant to this chapter for the previous year, including the amount of such funds expended and the uses to which such expenditures were applied.

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