Joint Education Funding Study Committee
Notebook Table of Contents
Additions from August 30, 2006 Meeting denoted by (2)
Additions from October 11, 2006 Meeting denoted by (3)

Taxation & Education Funding
Relation to K-12 Education Funding and the Sales and Use Tax (Word format)
Proviso 72.10 (HTML format)
FY 2006-07 State Education Funding (Excel format)
(2) Education Reform Initiatives (Word format)
(2) School District Program Funding Descriptions (Excel format)
(2) EOC FY 2005-06 Flexibility Transfers by Quarter and Program (HTML format)
US Department of Education Funding Allocation for South Carolina

Revenue & Expenditures
FY 2001-2005 School District Statement of Revenues and Expenditures
PDF file (PDF format)
Department of Education Web Site
FY 2004-05 School District Revenue by Source and Revenue Code (Excel format)
FY 2004-05 School District Expenditures by Function and Object (Excel format)
FY 2004-05 In$ite
FY 2004-05 NEA Rankings and Estimates (PDF format)

Education Finance Act
EFA Facts (Word format)
FY 2006-07 Projected Financial Requirements (Text format)
(2) EFA Timeline and Issues (Word format)
Examples of the Issues (PDF format)
(2) Summary DMP and BSC costs (Word Format)
(2) FY 2005-06 Accreditation Standards (HTML format)
(2) SDE letters on DMP cost components
(2) 1975-76 BSC breakout (PDF format)
(3) Review of the Inflation Factor
Education Finance Act, July 19, 1990 Report (PDF format)
Education Finance Act, March 20, 1991 Letter (PDF format)
Presentation to Education Funding Study Committee, October 11, 2006 (PDF format)

Weighted Pupil Units
WPU Description (Word format)
FY 2005-06 135-Day ADM and WPU (Excel format)

Index of Taxpaying Ability
Index Facts (Word format)
2006 Index of Taxpaying Ability (Excel format)

EIA Local Maintenance of Effort
Summary of the EIA MOE (Word format)
Selected School Districts
FY 2006-07 Revenue Estimates (Word format)
FY 2004-05 Compliance Audit (Word format)
FY 2006-07 Audited Local Revenues (Word format)

Legislative Services Agency
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