WHEREAS, Ada Chisolm-Perry, a member of the York County Council, was suspended from office by Executive Order 98-06 on March 24, 1998, because of pending criminal charges; and

WHEREAS, on May 19, 1998, Ada Chisolm-Perry was convicted in United States District Court, District of South Carolina, Rock Hill Division, of Failure to File Income Tax Return, a crime of moral turpitude; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VI, Section 8 of the South Carolina Constitution, an officer of a political subdivision of this State who has been suspended from office and subsequently convicted shall have his or her position declared vacant and the vacancy shall be filled as provided by law.

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the powers conferred upon me by the Constitution and Statutes of the State of South Carolina, I hereby declare the office held by Ada Chisolm-Perry to be vacant.

May 26, 1998

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