WHEREAS, the State of South Carolina is vulnerable to a wide range of emergencies, including natural, technological, and manmade disasters, all of which threaten the life, health, and safety of its people; damage and destroy property; disrupt services and everyday business and recreational activities; and impede economic growth and development; and

WHEREAS, this vulnerability is exacerbated by the state's growing population, especially the growth in the number of persons residing in coastal areas, in the elderly population, in the number of seasonal vacationers, and the number of persons with special needs; and

WHEREAS, the state must take all prudent action to reduce the vulnerability of the people and property of this state; to prepare for the efficient evacuation and shelter of threatened or affected persons; to provide for the rapid and orderly provision of relief to persons and for the restoration of services and property; and to provide for the coordination of activities relating to emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation among and between agencies and officials of this state, with similar agencies and officials of other states, with local and federal governments, with interstate organizations, and with the private sector; and

WHEREAS, the Governor is responsible for the development and coordination of a system of Comprehensive Emergency Management pursuant to the South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 25-1-440 (b) and the South Carolina Emergency Preparedness Division, Office of the Adjutant General, as established by Section 25-1-420, is responsible for coordinating the efforts of all state, county and municipal agencies and departments in developing a State Emergency Plan and maintaining a State Emergency Operations Center; and

WHEREAS, the South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan, dated February 1, 1999, developed pursuant to the requirement of Section 25-1-420 (a), has been reviewed and approved in accordance with the South Carolina Code of Regulations, 58-101,B., as establishing the policies and procedures to be followed by South Carolina Government in executing all emergency or disaster operations.

NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the powers conferred upon me by the Constitution and laws of the State of South Carolina, I do hereby order:

Section 1.That each department or agency of the State shall be responsible for emergency services as assigned in the South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan.

Section 2.That each department or agency assigned a primary responsibility in the Plan shall maintain, as directed by the Emergency Preparedness Division, comprehensive standard operating procedures for executing its assigned emergency services. Each department or agency assigned a support responsibility shall assist the primary department or agency in maintenance of these procedures.

Section 3.That each department or agency assigned a primary or support responsibility in the Plan shall participate in scheduled exercises of the South Carolina Emergency Preparedness Division and shall conduct training of personnel essential to the implementation of all assigned emergency functions.

Section 4.That all departments or agencies shall execute, without delay, the emergency functions so designated in the Plan or further ordered by me during any emergency or disaster through the initial use of existing agency appropriations and all necessary agency personnel, regardless of normal duty assignment.

Section 5.Executive Order 95-21 is hereby rescinded.




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