South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 114 Department Of Social Services

Article 1 Fair Hearings

114-100. Definitions.

114-110. Purpose.

114-120. Objectives.

114-130. General Fair Hearing Procedures.

114-140. Foster Care.

114-150. Adoptions.

114-160. Day Care.

114-170. Child Protective Services.

114-180. Eligibility Hearings.

114-190. Food Services.

Article 2 Civil Rights

114-200. Definitions.

114-210. Non-Discriminatory Practices.

114-220. Administrative Civil Rights Reviews.

114-230. Filing Complaints of Discrimination.

114-240. Investigation of Complaints.

114-250. Complaints against Providers.

Article 3 Administration

114-310. Declaratory Rulings.

Article 4 Confidential Information

114-410. Release of Information and Records.

Article 5 Licensing

Subarticle 1 Day Care Facilities

Regulations for the Licensing of Child Care Centers

114-500. General Provisions.

114-501. Definitions.

114-502. Procedures.

114-503. Management, Administration, and Staffing.

114-504. Supervision.

114-505. Health, Sanitation and Safety.

114-506. Program.

114-507. Physical Site.

114-508. Meal Requirements; Food Preparation and Serving; Storage and Protection of Food Supplies, Utensils and Equipment.

114-509. Infant and Toddler Care, Care for Mildly Ill Children, and Night Care.

Regulations for the Licensing of Group Child Care Homes

114-510. General Provisions.

114-511. Definitions.

114-512. Procedures.

114-513. Management, Administration, and Staffing.

114-514. Supervision.

114-515. Health, Sanitation and Safety.

114-516. Program.

114-517. Physical Site.

114-518. Meal Requirements and Preparation, Serving, Storage and Protection of Food Supplies.

114-519. Infant and Toddler Care, Care for Mildly Ill Children, and Night Care.

Regulations for the Registration of Child Care Centers Operated by Churches or Religious Entities

114-520. General Provisions.

114-521. Definitions.

114-522. Procedures.

114-523. Management.

114-524. Application of Staff:Child Ratios.

114-525. Health, Sanitation and Safety.

114-526. Physical Site.

114-527. Meal Requirements and Preparation, Serving, Storage and Protection of Food Supplies, Utensils and Equipment.

Family Day Care Homes (Provide Care for No More Than Six Children)

114-528. Definitions and Procedures.

114-529. Infant and Toddler Care, Care for Mildly Ill Children, and Night Care.

Subarticle 5 Foster Care

114-550. Licensure for Foster Care.

Subarticle 9 Residential Group Care Facilites for Children

114-590. Licensing of Residential Group Care Organizations for Children.

114-595. Standards for Supervised Independent Living.

Article 7 Training Grants and Contracts

114-710. Training Grants and Contracts.

Article 9 Interagency Merit System

114-910. Interagency Merit System.

Article 10 General Provisions for Articles 15 and 19

114-1010.Definitions and General Requirements

114-1020. Application and Redetermination Procedures.

114-1090. Termination, Suspension or Reduction of Benefits.

Article 11 Family Independence Program

114-1100. General.

114-1110. Definitions.

114-1120. Application and Application Processing.

114-1130. Non-Financial Criteria.

114-1140. Financial Criteria.

114-1150. Determination of Benefits.

114-1160. Work Requirements.

114-1170. Safeguarding Information.

114-1180. Appeals and Hearings.

114-1190. Conflict between Federal and State Laws or Regulations.

114-1191. Conflict between State Law and State Regulations.

114-1192. Pilot and Demonstration Projects.

Article 13 Food Stamp Program

114-1300. General.

114-1310. Definitions.

114-1320. Application Processing.

114-1330. Income and Deductions.

114-1335. Disqualifications and Sanctions.

114-1340. Determining Eligibility and Benefit Levels.

114-1345. Work Supplementation Program.

114-1350. Reporting Changes.

114-1360. Demonstration, Research or Evaluation Projects.

114-1370. Safeguarding Information.

114-1380. Outreach.

114-1385. Claims.

114-1390. Fair Hearings.

114-1395. Conflict between State and Federal Regulations.

Article 15 Establishing Eligibility for General Disability Assistance

114-1510. Definitions and General Requirements.

114-1520. Eligibility Determination.

114-1530. Termination, Suspension, or Reduction of Benefits.

Article 19 Establishing Eligibility for Optional Supplementation

114-1910. Definitions.

114-1920. Eligibility Determination.

114-1930. Termination, Suspension or Reduction of Benefits.

Article 27 Food Stamp Issuance

114-2710. General.

114-2720. Definitions.

114-2730. Food Stamp Issuance.

114-2740. Ongoing Major Responsibilities.

114-2750. EBT Services Interaction.

Article 33 Protective Services for Adults

114-3310. Definitions, General Requirements, and Purpose.

114-3320. Initiation Procedures.

114-3330. Determination of Need.

114-3340. Scope of the Program.

114-3350. Denial or Termination of Services.

114-3360. Prior Regulations Repealed.

Article 40 Legal Assistance to Minors Seeking Abortions

114-4000. Division to Implement Procedures to Assist Minors Seeking Abortions.

114-4010. Minors to Be Treated with Compassion, Dignity and Respect.

114-4020. Anonymity of Minor Protected.

Article 43 Adoption Services

114-4370. Certification of Adoption Investigators and Persons Obtaining Consents or Relinquishments.

114-4380. Supplemental Benefits for Adoption and Medical Assistance.

Article 45 Child Protective Services Involving Institutions Generally

114-4510. Purposes.

114-4520. Investigations.

114-4530. Agreements.

114-4540. Further Action.

114-4550. Prior Regulation Repealed.

Article 47 Child Support Guidelines

114-4710. Use of the Guidelines.

114-4720. Determination of Child Support Awards.

114-4730. Unusual Custody Arrangements.

114-4740. Periodic Review.

114-4750. Child Support Guidelines Schedules and Worksheets.

Article 49 Child Placing Agencies Regulations

114-4910. Child Placing Agencies; Definitions and Application Procedures.

114-4920. Administration and Organization of Child Placing Agencies.

114-4930. Requirements for Licenses and Types of Licenses.

114-4940. Relicensing Procedures.

114-4950. Confidentiality Requirements.

114-4960. Personnel Requirements.

114-4970. Child Placing Agency Records.

114-4980. Procedures and Practices of Child Placing Agencies.

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