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South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 126 Department Of Health And Human Services

Article 1 Administration

Subarticle 2 Nondiscriminatory Practices

126-125. General.

Subarticle 3 Appeals and Hearings

126-150. Definitions.

126-152. Appeal Procedure.

126-154. Hearing Officer.

126-156. Prehearing Conferences.

126-158. Hearing Procedures.

Subarticle 4 Safeguarding of Client Information

126-170. General.

126-171. Protected Information.

126-172. Purposes Directly Connected to the Administration of the Programs and Grants.

126-173. Release of Information.

126-174. Distribution of Materials to Recipients and Providers.

126-175. Penalties.

Article 3 Medicaid

Subarticle 1 Scope of the Program

126-300. General.

126-301. Services Covered by the Medicaid Program.

126-302. Audiology Services.

126-303. Certified Nurse Midwifery Services.

126-304. Community Long Term Care Home and Community Based Services.

126-305. Dental Care.

126-306. Durable Medical Equipment.

126-307. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Services.

126-308. End Stage Renal Disease Services.

126-309. Family Planning Services.

126-310. Hospital Services.

126-311. Laboratory and X-ray Services/Tests.

126-312. Medical Transportation Services.

126-313. Mental Health Clinic Services.

126-314. Nursing Facility Services.

126-315. Physicians' Services.

126-316. Podiatry Services.

126-317. Prescribed Drugs.

126-318. Psychiatric Facility Services.

126-319. Rehabilitative Services.

126-320. Rural Health Clinic Services.

126-321. Speech Pathology.

126-322. Tubercular Facility Services.

126-323. Vision Care.

126-335. Hospital Reimbursement.

Subarticle 2 Eligibility for the Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Program

126-350. Definitions.

126-355. Application Procedures.

126-360. General Requirements.

126-365. Categorically Needy Eligible Groups.

126-370. Redetermination of Categorically Needy Eligibility.

126-375. Medical Institution Vendor Payments.

126-380. Denial, Termination, or Reduction of Benefits.

126-399. Conflict Between State and Federal Regulations.

Article 4 Program Evaluation

Subarticle 1 Administrative Sanctions Against Medicaid Providers

126-400. Definitions.

126-401. Sanctions.

126-402. Factors for Sanction.

126-403. Grounds for Sanction.

126-404. Fair Hearings.

126-405. Reinstatement.

Subarticle 2 Program Integrity

126-425. Recipient Utilization.

Article 5 Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP)

Subarticle 1 Eligibility for the Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP)

126-500. Definitions.

126-505. Responsibilities for Eligibility Determination.

126-510. Application Process.

126-515. Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements.

126-520. Financial Eligibility Requirements.

Subarticle 2 Covered Services

126-530. Services Covered by the Medically Indigent Assistance Program.

126-535. Sponsorship From the Medically Indigent Assistance Program.

126-540. Recovery by the Medically Indigent Assistance Program.

Subarticle 3 Payment Process

126-560. The Commission shall use a prospective payment system which considers diagnostic related groupings and per diem costs to reimburse hospitals for inpatient services provided to Medically Indigent recipients.

Subarticle 4 County Assessments

126-570. Grace Period.

Article 7 Social Services Block Grants

126-710. General.

126-720. Scope of Program and Services.

126-730. Persons Eligible to Receive Social Services.

126-740. Application Procedures.

126-750. Client Right to Appeal.

126-799. Prior Regulations.

Article 8 Intermediate Sanctions for Medicaid Certified Nursing Facilities

126-800. Definitions.

126-810. Imposition of Sanctions.

126-820. Factors for Sanctions.

126-830. Assessment of Sanctions.

126-840. Schedule of Sanctions.

126-850. Levying of Sanctions.

Article 9 Optional State Supplementation Program

126-910. Program Definitions.

126-920. Eligibility.

126-930. Termination, Suspension or Reduction of Benefits.

126-940. Program Administration.

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