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South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 127 South Carolina Occupational Health And Safety Review Board

Rules of Procedure for Protesting Citations, Penalties and Periods of Abatement

127-1.1. Notice of Protest.

127-1.2. Protection of Trade Secrets and Other Confidential Information.

127-1.3. Party Status.

127-1.4. Intervention; Appearance by Non-parties.

127-1.5. Representative of Parties and Intervenors.

127-1.6. Failure to Appear.

127-1.7. Duty and Authority of Board Member.

127-1.8. Filing of Briefs and Oral Arguments.

127-1.9. Hearings on Petitions for Modification of Abatement Dates.

127-1.10. Service and Notice.

127-1.11. Conflict of Interest.

Rules of Procedure for the Preparation and Preservation of a Record of Hearings and Other Proceedings

127-2.1. Record.

127-2.2. Transcripts, Exhibits.

127-2.3. Filing of Transcript and Exhibits.

127-2.4. Preservation of Record.

Rules of Procedure for Appeals to the Review Board

127-3.1. Petition for Review.

127-3.2. Request for Response.

127-3.3. Oral Argument.

127-3.4. Record for Appeal.

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