South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 61 Department Of Health And Environmental Control Continued

61-80. Neonatal Screening For Inborn Metabolic Errors and Hemoglobinopathies.

61-81. State Environmental Laboratory Certification Program.

61-82. Proper Closeout of Wastewater Treatment Facilities.

61-83. Transportation of Radioactive Waste Into or Within South Carolina.

61-84. Standards for Licensing Community Residential Care Facilities.

61-86.1. Standards of Performance for Asbestos Projects.

61-87. Underground Injection Control Regulations.

61-87.1. Purpose.

61-87.2. Definitions.

61-87.3. Scope.

61-87.4. Prohibition of Unauthorized Injection.

61-87.5. Protection of Underground Sources of Drinking Water.

61-87.6. Classification of Underground Sources of Drinking Water.

61-87.7. Area of Review Requirements for Class II and III Wells.

61-87.8. Corrective Action Requirements for Class II and III Wells.

61-87.9. Mechanical Integrity Requirements for Class II and III Wells.

61-87.10. Financial Responsibility Requirements for Class II and III Wells.

61-87.11. Classification and Regulation of Injection Wells.

61-87.12. Abandonment, Monitoring and Reporting Requirements Applicable to Existing Injection Wells Used to Inject Waste or Contaminants.

61-87.13. Permitting Requirements for Class II, III, IV(2)(a), and V. A. Wells.

61-87.14. Criteria and Standards for Class II, III, IV(2)(a) and V.A. Wells.

61-87.15. Plugging and Abandonment Requirements for Injection Wells.

61-87.16. Violations and Penalties.

61-88. Charges for Maternal and Child Health Services.

61-89. Charges for Family Planning Services.

61-91. Standards For Licensing Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.


61-93. Standards for Licensing Facilities that Treat Individuals for Pyschoactive Substance Abuse or Dependence.

61-94. WIC Vendors.

61-95. Medicaid Nursing Home Permits.

61-96. Athletic Trainers.

61-97. Standards for Licensing Renal Dialysis Facilities.

61-98. State Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank (SUPERB) Site Rehabilitation and Fund Access Regulation.

61-101. Water Quality Certification.

61-102. Standards for Licensing Birthing Centers for Deliveries by Midwives.

61-103. Residential Treatment Facilities for Children and Adolescents.

61-104. Hazardous Waste Management Location Standards.

61-105. Infectious Waste Management Regulations.


61-107. Solid Waste Management.

61-107.1. Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Management Grants, Recycling Education Grants, and Waste Tire Grants.

61-107.2. Solid Waste Management: Full Cost Disclosure.

61-107.3. Solid Waste Management: Waste Tires.

61-107.4. Solid Waste Management: Yard Trash and Land-Clearing Debris; and Compost.

61-107.5. Solid Waste Management: Collection, Temporary Storage and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste.

61-107.6. Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Processing Facilities.

61-107.7. Solid Waste Management: Transfer of Solid Waste.

61-107.8. Solid Waste Management: Lead-Acid Batteries.

61-107.9. Solid Waste Management: White Goods.

61-107.10. Solid Waste Management: Research, Development, and Demonstration Permit Criteria.

61-107.12. Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Incineration and Solid Waste Pyrolysis Facilities.

61-107.14. Solid Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Operator's Certification.

61-107.15. Solid Waste Management: Land Application of Solid Waste.

61-107.17. Solid Waste Management: Demonstration-of-Need.

61-107.18. Solid Waste Management: Off-site Treatment of Contaminated Soil.

61-107.19. Solid Waste Management: Solid Waste Landfills and Structural Fill.

61-107.279. Solid Waste Management: Used Oil.

61-108. Standards for Licensing Freestanding or Mobile Technology.

61-109. Standards for Permitting Body Piercing Facilities.

61-110. Total Maximum Daily Loads for Pollutants in Water.

61-111. Standards For Licensing Tattoo Facilities.

61-112. Implementation of Emergency Health Powers Act.

61-113. Groundwater Use and Reporting.

61-114. South Carolina Birth Defects Program.

61-115. Environmental Electronic Reporting Requirements.

61-116. South Carolina Trauma Care Systems.

61-117. Access to Restricted Information.

61-119. Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting, Use, and Reporting.

61-120. South Carolina Immunization Registry.

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