South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 65 South Carolina Human Affairs Commission

Subchapter 1 Human Affairs Law

65-1. Definitions.

65-2. Complaint.

65-3. Investigation and Production of Evidence.

65-4. Preliminary or Temporary Relief.

65-5. Conference, Conciliation and Persuasion.

65-6. Reasonable Cause Determination: Procedure and Authority.

65-7. Reconsideration of Order of Dismissal or Order to Initiate Suit.

65-8. Procedure for Hearing as Provided by Section 1-13-90(c) of the Act.

65-9. Procedure for the Institution of Civil Actions as Provided in Section 1-13-90(d) of the Act.

65-10. Certification.

65-11. Availability of Rules.

65-12. Construction of Rules and Pleadings.

65-13. General Investigations.

65-20. Submission of Equal Employment Opportunity Reports.

65-21. Equal Employment Officer to be Designated.

65-22. Employment Records to be Retained for Six Months.

65-23. Preservation of Records in Event of Charge of Discrimination.

65-24. Notices to be Posted.

65-30. Guidelines Established.

65-40. Minimum Requirements.

Subchapter 2 Fair Housing

Article 1 Discriminatory Conduct

65-210. General.

65-211. Discriminatory Housing Practices.

65-213. Discrimination in Residential Real Estate Related Transactions.

65-215. Prohibition Against Discrimination Because of Handicap.

65-217. Housing for Older Persons.

65-219. Interference, Coercion or Intimidation.

Article 2 Fair Housing Complaint Processing

65-220. Complaints.

65-221. Referral of Complaints to State and Local Agencies.

65-223. Investigation Procedures.

65-225. Conciliation Procedures.

65-227. Issuance of Complaint.

65-229. Other Action.

Article 3 Administrative Proceedings

65-230. General Information.

65-231. Hearing Panel.

65-232. Parties.

65-233. Pleadings, Motions and Discoveries.

65-234. Dismissal and Decisions.

65-235. Hearing Procedures (Review and Enforcement).

65-236. Certification.

65-237. Availability and Construction of Rules.

Article 4 Fair Housing Advertising

65-240. Purpose.

65-242. Scope.

65-244. Use of Words, Phrases, Symbols, and Visual Aids.

65-246. Selective Use of Advertising Media or Content.

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