South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 67 South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission

Article 1 Administration

67-101. South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission, Location, Transaction of Business.

Article 2 General

67-201. Application of Regulations.

67-202. Words and Phrases, Defined.

67-203. Official Forms and Documents.

67-204. Completing Forms.

67-205. Filing with the Commission, Defined.

67-206. Filing a Claim.

67-207. Requesting a Hearing, Claimant.

67-208. Requesting a Hearing, Employer.

67-209. Computation of Time.

67-210. Parties Served.

67-211. Service of Forms and Documents.

67-213. Service of Orders, Hearing Notices, and Review Hearing Notices.

67-214. Subpoenas.

67-215. Motions.

67-216. Guardian ad Litem, Appointment.

Article 3 Notices Required Under the Act

67-301. Posting Notice.

Article 4 Reports Required, Employers and Insurance Carriers

67-401. Designation of Authorized Recipient of Service and Other Demands.

67-402. Corporate Officer Rejection of the Act.

67-403. Election to Adopt the Act.

67-404. Withdrawing from the Act.

67-405. Employers and Insurance Carriers, Proof of Compliance.

67-409. Duplicate or Dual Insurance Coverage.

67-411. Employer's Report of Injury, Form 12A.

67-412. Employer's Report of Injury, Form 12M.

67-413. Periodic Report.

67-414. Status Report and Compensation Receipt.

67-415. Documentation of Insurance.

67-416. Electronic Data Interface.

67-417. Examination of Claim Files.

Article 5 Temporary Compensation

67-502. Words and Phrases, Defined.

67-503. Payment of Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Compensation.

67-504. Terminating Payment of Temporary Total or Temporary Partial Compensation During the First One Hundred Fifty Days After Employer's Notice of the Accident.

67-505. Suspending Temporary Compensation after the First One Hundred Fifty Days after the Employer's Notice of the Injury.

67-506. Terminating Temporary Compensation after the First One Hundred Fifty Days after the Employer's Notice of the Injury.

67-509. Medical Treatment While Receiving Temporary Compensation Benefits.

67-510. Unauthorized Suspension or Termination of Temporary Compensation Benefits.

Article 6 Contested Case Procedure

67-601. Hearings, Generally.

67-602. Hearings, Required Information.

67-603. Employer's Answer to a Request for Hearing, Time for Filing and Service.

67-604. General Denial to Employer's Request for Hearing.

67-605. Second Injury Fund's Answer to a Request for Hearing, Time for Filing and Service.

67-606. Employee's Wage Determination.

67-607. Hearing Notice.

67-608. Failure to Appear at a Hearing.

67-609. Withdrawing a Request for Hearing.

67-610. Continuing Obligation to Update, Request for Hearing, and Answer.

67-611. Pre-hearing Brief.

67-612. Admission of Expert's Report as Evidence.

67-613. Postponement or Adjournment of the Scheduled Hearing.

67-614. Hearing Costs.

67-615. Transcripts of Hearings.

Article 7 Review and Hearing

67-701. Requesting Commission Review of the Hearing Commissioner's Decision.

67-702. Filing Fee.

67-703. Appeals without Merit.

67-704. Notice of Review Hearing.

67-705. Briefs, Filing and Service.

67-706. Oral Argument.

67-707. Additional and Newly Discovered Evidence.

67-708. Postponement.

67-709. Commission Review, Procedure.

67-710. Settlement of a Claim Pending Review.

67-711. Transcripts.

67-712. Requesting Higher Court Review.

Article 8 Settlements, Procedures

67-801. Settlement of the Claim, General.

67-802. Settlement, Form 16, Form 16A.

67-803. Settlement by Agreement and Final Release.

67-804. Informal Conference.

67-805. Third Party Settlements.

Article 9 Procedure for Claim Involving A Fatality

67-901. Notification that a Fatality has Occurred, Required.

67-902. Discovery of Beneficiaries.

67-903. Fatality, Statement on Liability Required.

67-904. Employer Accepts Liability, Procedure.

67-905. Employer Denies Liability, Procedure.

Article 10 Occupational Disease, Procedure, and Waiver of Claim

67-1001. Parties, Generally.

67-1002. Occupational Disease, Waiver of Claim.

Article 11 Scheduled Losses

67-1101. Total or Partial Loss or Loss of Use of a Member, Organ, or Part of the Body.

67-1102. Loss of Hearing.

67-1103. Amputation of Finger or Toe.

67-1104. Health Care for Injury Resulting in Hernia.

67-1105. Loss of Vision.

Article 12 Attorney Practice and Fees

67-1201. Appearances Before the Commission.

67-1202. Attorney's Letter of Representation.

67-1203. Withdrawing Representation.

67-1204. Reporting Attorneys Fees for Approval.

67-1205. Determining a Reasonable Fee.

67-1206. Costs.

67-1207. Collection of Attorney's Fee in a Lump Sum.

Article 13 Medical Reports, Physician's Fees and Hospital Charges

67-1301. Medical Reports.

67-1302. Maximum Allowable Payments to Medical Practitioners.

67-1303. Payments for Hospital Inpatient Services.

67-1304. Payments for Hospital Outpatient Services and Ambulatory Surgical Centers.

67-1305. Medical Bill Review.

67-1306. Medical Advisory Committees.

67-1307. Rehabilitation Professionals.

67-1308. Communication Between Parties And Health Care Providers.

Article 14 Enforcement Proceedings

67-1401. Fines, Assessment and Review.

67-1402. Unqualified Self-Insured Employer, Prosecution.

67-1404. Order and Rule to Show Cause, Hearings.

Article 15 Self-Insurance

67-1501. Self-Insurance, Application.

67-1502. Self-Insurance, Granting the Privilege and Providing Proof of Compliance.

67-1503. Proof of Compliance, Excess Insurance.

67-1504. Proof of Compliance, Reserve Account, and Other Accounts.

67-1505. Proof of Compliance, Surety Bond.

67-1506. Proof of Compliance, Securities Pledge.

67-1507. Proof of Compliance, Irrevocable Letter of Credit.

67-1508. Effective Date of R.67-1503.

67-1509. The Self-Insurance Program, Amendments to and Renewal of.

67-1510. Financial Analysis and Reports.

67-1511. Audits.

67-1512. Voluntary Withdrawal from a Self-Insurance Program and Cancellation of a Member's Self-Insurance Privileges.

67-1513. Revocation Proceedings.

67-1514. Self-Insurance Tax.

67-1515. Confidentiality of Information.

67-1516. Municipalities and Political Subdivisions.

Article 16 Average Weekly Wage, Compensation Rate, and Payment

67-1601. Expenses Incurred in Receiving Medical Treatment, Reimbursement.

67-1602. Payment of Compensation.

67-1603. Calculating the Compensation Rate.

67-1605. Lump Sum Payment.

67-1606. Lump Sum Payment in a Claim Involving a Fatality.

Article 17 Repeal and Adoption

67-1701. Repeal of Existing Regulations and Adoption of Articles 1 through 17, Inclusive.

Article 18 Mediation

67-1801. Mediation.

67-1802. Mediation Required with Certain Claims.

67-1803. Mediation Requested by Parties.

67-1804. Selection of Mediator and Required Schedule.

67-1805. Parties Represented.

67-1806. Mediation Communications Confidential.

67-1807. Expense of Mediation.

67-1808. Penalties.

67-1809. Forms Required Upon Completion.

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