South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 7 Alcoholic Beverages, Beer And Wine

Article 6 General Provisions

7-200. General Provisions.

7-200.1. Applications.

7-200.2. Records.

7-200.3. Display of Permits and Licenses.

7-200.4. Person Under 21--Violation to Allow Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Liquors, or Possession and Consumption of Beer or Wine, on Premises.

7-200.5. Signs Required Under Section 61-4-70 and 61-6-1530; Size and Lettering.

7-201. Requirements for Protesting Beer and Wine Permits or Alcoholic Liquor Licenses.

7-202. Premises.

7-202.1. General Requirements - All Licenses.

7-202.2. Specific Facilities - Alcoholoc Liquor by the Drink.

7-202.3. Restrictions on the Premises of Nonprofit Organizations Licensed to Sell Alcoholic Liquor by the Drink.

Article 7 Alcoholic Liquors

Subarticle 1 General Provisions Applicable to Alcoholic Liquors

7-300. Purchases, Transfers and Deliveries to and from Retail Locations.

7-300.1. Deliveries by Wholesaler to Licensed Retailer Only.

7-300.2. Purchases by Retail Dealer from Licensed Wholesaler Only; Purchases for Exclusive Use Prohibited.

7-300.3. Dishonored Checks to Wholesalers.

7-300.4. Transfers of Alcoholic Liquor Between Retail Stores.

7-300.5. Liquor Not to be Removed During Restricted Hours.

7-300.6. Credit Cards Allowed for the Purchase of Liquor.

7-301. Restrictions.

7-301.1. Retail License by Wholesaler Prohibited--No Interest in Retail Store.

7-302. Underage Violations--Multiple Offenses.

7-303. Measurements from Location to School, Church or Playground.

Subarticle 2 Minibottles

7-400. Definitions.

7-401. Requirements for Premises.

7-401.1 [Reserved]

7-401.2. Lighting of Licensed Establishments.

7-401.3. Restaurants.

7-401.4. Nonprofit Organizations.

7-402. Purchases of Minibottles.

7-403. Private Functions.

7-404. Destruction of Two-ounce Containers.

Subarticle 3 Retail Liquor Stores

7-500. Merchandise Other Than for Wines or Alcoholic Liquors Cannot be Advertised or Displayed.

7-501. Open Containers of Wine as Well as Alcoholic Liquors in Retail Liquor Stores.

Subarticle 4 Food Preparation License

7-600. Definitions.

7-601. Storage and Inventory.

7-601.1. Storage.

7-601.2. Inventory.

7-602. Violations.

Article 8 Beer and Wine

7-700. 7-700. Repealed by State Register Volume 34, Issue No. 7, eff July 23, 2010.

7-701. Restrictions on Sales.

7-701.1. Beer Not to Exceed 5% Alcohol by Weight.

7-701.2. USDA Food Stamps Not Accepted in Payment for Beer or Wine.

7-701.3. Vending Machines for Beer Prohibited.

7-701.4. Wines Sold by Beer and Wine Wholesalers.

7-701.5. Natural Wines Defined.

7-702. Purchases, Transfers and Deliveries to and from Retail Locations.

7-702.1. Delivery or Removal of Beer and Wine During Restrictive Hours Prima Facie Evidence of Sale.

7-702.2. Beer and Wine must be Delivered to Licensed Premises by Wholesaler.

7-702.3. When Beer Sold on Credit, Dishonored Check, etc.

7-702.4. Sales by Retailer to Another Retailer for Resale.

7-702.5. Drive-In/Drive-Thru Establishments Prohibited.

Article 9 Hospitality Cabinets in Hotel Rooms

7-800. Hospitality Cabinets.

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