South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 71 Department Of Labor, Licensing And Regulation--Division Of Labor

Article 1 Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

Subarticle 1 General

71-100. Purpose.

71-101. Scope.

71-102. Definitions.

71-103. Notice.

71-104. Hearings.

71-105. Petition for the Issuance, Amendment, or Repeal of a Standard.

71-106. Amendments to Article and Regulations.

71-107. Applicability of Standards.

71-108. Incorporation by Reference.

71-109. Amendments to These Subarticles.

71-110. Representatives of Commissioner Not To Be Required to Sign Statements.

71-111. Confidentiality of Trade Secrets.

71-112. General Duty Clause.

71-113. Rules of Construction.

Subarticle 2 Rules of Practice for Variances, Limitations, Variations, Tolerances, and Exemptions Under the Safety and Health Laws of the State of South Carolina

71-200. Purpose.

71-201. Definitions.

71-202. Amendments to This Subarticle.

71-203. Effect of Variances.

71-204. Public Notice of a Granted Variance, Limitation, Variation, Tolerance, or Exemption.

71-205. Form of Petitions, Verification; Copies.

71-206. Temporary Variances.

71-207. Permanent Variances and other relief under section 41-15-250.

71-208. Limitations, Variations, Tolerances, or Exemptions.

71-209. Modification, Revocation, and Renewal of Rules or Order.

71-210. Action on Petitions.

71-211. Request for Hearing on Petition.

71-212. Consolidation of Proceedings.

71-213. Notice of Hearing.

71-214. Manner of Service.

71-215. Prehearing Conference.

71-216. Consent Findings and Rules or Orders.

71-217. Discovery.

71-218. Hearings.

71-219. Decisions of the Commissioner.

71-220. Exceptions.

71-221. Public Notice of Petition for a Variance and Interim Order.

71-222. Variances from Recordkeeping Requirements.

71-223. Variances Granted by the Secretary of Labor.

Subarticle 3 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

Subpart A. Purpose

71-300. Purpose.

Subpart B. Scope

71-301. Partial exemption for employers with 10 or fewer employees.

71-302. Partial exemptions for establishments in certain industries.

71-303. Keeping records for more than one agency.

Subpart C. Recordkeeping Forms And Recording Criteria

71-304. Recording criteria.

71-305. Determination of work-relatedness.

71-306. Determination of new cases.

71-307. General recording criteria.

71-308. Recording criteria for needlestick and sharps injuries.

71-309. Recording criteria for cases involving medical removal under OSHA standards.

71-310. Recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss.

71-311. Recording criteria for work-related tuberculosis cases.

71-329. Forms

Subpart D. Other OSHA Injury And Illness Recordkeeping Requirements

71-330. Multiple business establishments.

71-331. Covered Employees.

71-332. Annual summary.

71-333. Retention and updating.

71-334. Change in business ownership.

71-335. Employee involvement.

71-336. Prohibition against discrimination.

71-337. Deviations from recordkeeping requirements.

71-339. Reporting fatalities and multiple hospitalization incidents to OSHA.

71-340. Providing records to government representatives.

71-342. Requests from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for data.

Subpart F. Transition From The Former Rule

71-343. Summary and posting of the 2001 data.

71-344. Retention and updating of old forms.

Subpart G. Definitions

71-346. Definitions.

Subarticle 4 Enforcement of Violations

71-400. Definitions.

71-401. Citation; Notice of De Minimis Violation.

71-402. Proposed Penalty.

71-403. Posting of Citation.

71-404. Failure to Correct Violation for Which Citation Has Been Issued.

71-405. Petition for Modification of Abatement.

71-406. Informal Conference.

71-407. Employer or Employee Contest.

71-408. Failure to Contest.

71-409. Withdrawal, Modification or Amendment to Citation and Proposed Penalty.

71-410. Abatement Verification.

Subarticle 5 Inspections

71-500. Purpose and Scope.

71-501. Definitions.

71-502. Posting of Notice.

71-503. Inspections.

71-504. Advance Notice of Inspections.

71-505. Conduct of Inspections.

71-506. Representatives of Employers and Employees.

71-507. Consultation with Employees.

71-508. Special Investigations.

71-509. Inspection Not Warranted.

71-510. Conclusion of Inspection.

71-511. Objection to Inspection.

71-512. Entry Not a Waiver of Cause of Action.

Subarticle 6 South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry And Public Sector Marine Terminals

Subarticle 7 South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry

Subarticle 8 South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Agriculture Operations

Subarticle 9 Rules of Agency Practice and Procedure Concerning South Carolina Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Access to Employee Medical Records

71-900. General Policy.

71-901. Scope and Application.

71-902. Responsible Persons.

71-903. Written Access Orders.

71-904. Presentation of Written Access Order and Notice to Employees.

71-905. Objections concerning a Written Access Order.

71-906. Removal of Direct Personal Identifiers.

71-907. Internal Agency Use of Personally Identifiable Employee Medical Information.

71-908. Security Procedures.

71-909. Retention and Destruction of Records.

71-910. Results of an Agency Analysis Using Personally Identifiable Employee Medical Information.

71-911. Annual Reports.

71-912. Inter-Agency Transfer and Public Disclosure.

Subarticle 10 Discrimination Against Employees Exercising Rights Under the South Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Act

71-1001. Introductory Statement.

71-1002. Purpose Of This Subarticle.

71-1003. Requirements of Sections 41-15-510 and 41-15-520.

71-1004. Persons Prohibited from Discriminating.

71-1005. Persons Protected by Section 41-15-510.

71-1006. Unprotected Activities Distinguished.

71-1009. Complaints Under or Relating to the Act.

71-1010. Proceedings Under or Relating to the Act.

71-1011. Testimony.

71-1012. Exercise Of Any Right Afforded By The Act.

71-1015. Filing Of Complaint For Discrimination.

71-1016. Investigation Of Complaint.

71-1017. Withdrawal Of Complaint.

71-1018. Arbitration Or Other Agency Proceedings.

71-1019. Walkaround Pay Disputes.

71-1020. Employee Refusal To Comply With Safety Rules.

71-1021. Federal Jurisdiction.

Subarticle 11 Rules of Agency Practice and Procedure Concerning South Carolina Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Disclosure Policy and Confidentiality of Trade Secrets

71-1100. General Policy.

71-1101. Definitions.

71-1102. Disclosure Other Than Trade Secrets.

71-1103. Examination Of Disclosure Material.

71-1104. Designation Of Trade Secrets.

71-1105. Internal Security Measures.

71-1106. Release Of Trade Secret Material.

71-1107. Removal Of Trade Secret Material From Submitter's Premises.

71-1108. Return Of Trade Secret Material To Submitter.

Subarticle 12 Rules for the Compensation of Members of the Occupational Health and Safety Review Board

71-1201. Reimbursement of Expenses.

71-1202. Hourly Compensation; Itemized Submissions.

Article 3 Child Labor

71-3100. Purpose.

71-3101. Scope.

71-3102. Definitions.

71-3103. Age Restrictions.

71-3104. Employment in Hazardous Occupations or Occupations Detrimental to Health or Well Being.

71-3105. Exempted Occupations; Apprentices; Student-Learners.

71-3106. Employment of Minors Between 14 and 16 Years of Age.

71-3107. List of Hazardous Occupations or Occupations Detrimental to Health of Minor; Exemptions.

71-3108. Hazardous Agricultural Occupations; Exemptions.

71-3110. Procedures for Hearing Child Labor Act Administrative Appeals.

71-3111. Proposed Penalties.

Article 4 Amusement Rides Safety Code

71-4000. Purpose and Definitions.

71-4100. Maintenance of On-Site Information.

71-4200. Operation Procedures for Amusement Devices. Owner/Operator's Responsibility.

71-4300. Operational Testing.

71-4400. Maintenance Procedures for Amusement Devices.

71-4450. Miscellaneous Safety Requirements For Amusement Rides.

71-4475. Additional Rules for Individual Amusement Devices.

71-4500. Insurance Bond, or other Security.

71-4600. Permit Required.

71-4610. Permit Application Requirements.

71-4700. Fee Schedule.

71-4800. Qualifications of Approved Special Inspectors.

71-4910. Procedure for Hearing Contested Notices of Non-Compliance and Assessments of Penalty.

71-4920. Procedure for Applications for Variance.

71-4950. [Information to be Made Available to Commissioner.]

Article 5 Safety Standards for Elevator Facilities

71-5000. Purpose and Definitions.

71-5100. Safety Standards for New Installations.

71-5200. Safety Standards for Existing Facilities.

71-5300. Permits and Certificate Required.

71-5310. Application for Construction Permit, Elevator Registration, and Operating Certificate.

71-5400. Qualification of Special Inspectors.

71-5500. Inspections.

71-5550. Accidents and Dangerous Facilities.

71-5600. Fee Schedules.

71-5700. Procedure for Hearing Contested Citations and Assessments of Penalty.

71-5800. Procedure for Application for Variance.

71-5900. Effective Date.

Article 6 Payment of Wage Administrative Appeals Hearings

71-6000. Procedures for Hearing Payment of Wages Administrative Appeals

Article 7 Pyrotechnic Safety

71-7405. Pyrotechnic Safety.

71-7405.1. General.

71-7405.2. Codes and Standards.

71-7405.3. Licensing and Permitting Fees.

71-7405.4. Licensing and Permitting Requirements.

71-7405.5. Supplemental Provisions for Sale of Pyrotechnics.

71-7405.6. Wholesale Distributors and Jobbers.

71-7405.7. Storage of Display Fireworks.

71-7405.8. Sale of Display Fireworks.

Article 8 Office of State Fire Marshal

Subarticle 1. Fire Prevention and Life Safety

71-8300. Fire Prevention and Life Safety.

71-8300.1. General.

71-8300.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8300.3. Alternate Materials and Alternate Methods of Construction.

71-8300.4. Plans, Specifications and Incident Reporting.

Subarticle 2. Fire Prevention and Life Safety for Special Occupancies

71-8301. Fire Prevention and Life Safety for Special Occupancies.

71-8301.1. General.

71-8301.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8301.3. Requirements for Special Occupancies.

Subarticle 3. Explosives

71-8302. Explosives.

71-8302.1. General.

71-8302.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8302.3. Licensing and Permitting Fees.

71-8302.4. Licenses and Permits.

71-8302.5. Records.

71-8302.6. Blasting Safety and Operations.

71-8302.7. Explosives and Investigations.

71-8302.8. Variances.

Subarticle 4. Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems

71-8303. Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems.

71-8303.1. General.

71-8303.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8303.3. Fees for Licensing, Testing, and Inspections.

71-8303.4. Licensing and Permitting Requirements.

71-8303.5. Renewal of Licenses and Permits.

71-8303.6. Restrictions for Class D Fire Equipment Licenses and Permits.

71-8303.7. Licensing Requirements: For Firms Performing Hydrostatic Testing.

71-8303.8. Installation and Maintenance Procedures.

71-8303.9. Minimum Equipment and Facility Requirements for Fire Equipment Dealer License.

71-8303.10. Powers and Duties of the State Fire Marshal.

71-8303.11. Fitness to Practice; Investigation of Complaints.

71-8303.12. Administrative Sanctions.

71-8303.13. Sanctions for Unlawful Practice.

71-8303.14. Certain Acts Prohibited.

71-8303.15. Cease and Desist Orders; Notice to Correct Hazardous Conditions.

71-8303.16. Suspensions or Revocation of License or Permit.

71-8303.17. Responsibility of Equipment Manufacturer.

71-8303.18. Penalties.

Subarticle 5. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

71-8304. Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas.

71-8304.1. General.

71-8304.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8304.3. Licensing and Permitting Fees.

71-8304.4. Licensing Requirements.

Subarticle 6. Fireworks and Pyrotechnics

71-8305. Fireworks and Pyrotechnics.

71-8305.1. General.

71-8305.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8305.3. Licensing and Permitting Fees.

71-8305.4. Qualifications of Operators.

71-8305.5. Display Permits.

71-8305.6. General Operational Requirements of Displays.

71-8305.7. Use of Consumer Fireworks in South Carolina.

71-8305.8. Transportation of Fireworks or Pyrotechnics in South Carolina.

Subarticle 7. Fire Prevention and Life Safety in Local Detention Facilities

71-8306. Fire Prevention and Life Safety in Local Detention Facilities.

71-8306.1. General.

71-8306.2. Codes and Standards.

71-8306.3. Reports.

71-8306.4. Fire Protection Systems.

71-8306.5. Operations.

71-8307. Fire Extinguishers--Portable and Fixed Station.

71-8307.1. Purpose.

71-8307.2. Administration; Filing of Publications; Statutes, Provisions of Other Codes and Ordinances.

71-8307.3. Definitions.

71-8307.4. Licensing Requirements: Fire Equipment Dealer License.

71-8307.5. Licensing Requirements: Fire Equipment Permits.

71-8307.6. Licensing Requirements: For Firms Performing Hydrostatic Testing.

71-8307.7. Types of Equipment.

71-8307.8. Installation and Maintenance Procedures.

71-8307.9. Permit Requirements.

71-8307.10. Minimum Equipment and Facility Requirements for Fire Equipment Dealer License.

71-8307.11. Exceptions.

71-8307.12. Applications; Hearings on Licenses and Permits.

71-8307.13. Powers and Duties of the State Fire Marshal.

71-8307.14. Certain Acts Prohibited.

71-8307.15. Cease and Desist Orders; Notice to Correct Hazardous Conditions.

71-8307.16. Suspension or Revocation of License or Permit.

71-8307.17. Responsibility of Equipment Manufacturer.

71-8307.18. Penalties.

71-8308. Fire Safety: Construction and Operation of Local Detention Facilities.

71-8308.1. Application.

71-8308.2. Definitions.

71-8308.3. Policy.

71-8308.4. Fire Detection Equipment.

71-8308.5. Fire Control Equipment.

71-8308.6. Fire Detection, Control, and Protection Equipment Specifications and Installation.

71-8308.7. Hazardous Areas.

71-8308.8. Prohibition of Polyurethane Products.

71-8308.9. Fire Retardant Paint.

71-8308.10. Minimum Requirements.

71-8308.11. Emergency Fire Plans and Procedures.

71-8308.12. Fire Hazard Policies.

71-8308.13. Training.

71-8308.14. Reporting.

71-8309. Fire Safety: Existing Local Detention Facilities.

71-8309.1. Application.

71-8309.2. Definitions.

71-8309.3. Policy.

71-8309.4. Fire Detection Equipment.

71-8309.5. Fire Control Equipment.

71-8309.6. Fire Detection, Control and Protection Equipment Specifications and Installation.

71-8309.7. Exits.

71-8309.8. Hazardous Areas.

71-8309.9. Prohibition of Polyurethane Products.

71-8309.10. Fire Retardant Paint.

71-8309.11. Other Code Requirements.

71-8309.12. Emergency Fire Plans and Procedures.

71-8309.13. Fire Hazard Policies.

71-8309.14. Training.

71-8309.15. Reporting.

71-8310. Fire Safety: Renovation of Existing Local Detention Facilities.

71-8310.1. Review of Plans.

71-8310.2. Compliance with Regulations.

71-8312. Proximate Audience Pyrotechnics.

Article 9. Boiler Safety Program

Subarticle 1. General

71-9100. Requirement of Filing Inspection Report to Claim Exemption.

71-9101. Definitions.

Subarticle 2. Administration

71-9102. Administration.

Subarticle 3. Existing Installation

71-9103.1. Power Boilers.

71-9103.2. Heating Boilers.

Subarticle 4. General Requirements

71-9104. General Requirements.



71-10000. Purpose.

71-10000.1. Change of Address.

71-10000.2. Display of License.

71-10000.3. Advertising.

71-10000.4. False or Misleading Information.

71-10000.5. Licensure.

71-10000.6. Administrative Review of Any Revocation, Civil Penalty, or Other Disciplinary Action Against a License.


71-10001. Administrative Review of Any Revocation, Civil Penalty, or Other Disciplinary Action Against the Employment License of a Private Employer.

71-10002. Audit Program.

71-10003. Records Retention.

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