South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 81 Department Of Labor, Licensing And Regulation-- State Board Of Medical Examiners

Article 2 Discipline of Physicians

81-12. Effect of Discipline.

81-21. Quorum of Board or Hearing Panel.

81-23. Administrator is Agent for Service of Notices on Non-resident Physicians.

81-25. Docket of Complaints.

81-27. Final Orders of the Board.

Article 3 Reinstatement of Physicians

81-31. Contents of Petition for Reinstatement.

81-32. Action by Board.

81-33. Board's Report to be Filed; Procedure Thereupon.

Article 4 Discipline at the Initiative of Board or Commission Members

81-40. Investigation at Instance of Board or Commission Members; Procedure Thereunder.

Article 5 Construction of Discipline Regulations

81-50. Regulation to be Liberally Construed.

Article 6 Principles of Medical Ethics

81-60. Principles of Medical Ethics.

Article 7 Requirements for Limited License

81-70. Requirements for Limited License.

Article 8 Requirements for the Written Examination (Flex)

81-80. Requirements to Take Step 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

81-81. Oral and/or Written Examinations for Graduates of Medical Schools Located Outside the United States or Canada.

Article 9 Requirements for License by Endorsement

81-90. Requirements For Permanent License.

Article 9.5 Election Procedures

81-91. Election Procedures for the State Board of Medical Examiners and the Medical Disciplinary Commission.

Article 9.7 Office-Based Surgery.

81-96. Office-based Surgery.

Article 10 Physician Assistants

81-110. Criteria for Physician Supervision of Nurses in the Extended Role.

Article 11 Respiratory Care Practitioner

81-200. Definitions.

81-201. Provisional Licensing Requirements.

81-202. Continuing Education Requirements.

81-203. Competency Requirements for the Provision of Respiratory Care by Non-RCPs.

81-204. Principles of Medical Ethics.

81-205. Reporting of Misconduct.

81-300. Fees.

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