South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 89 Office Of The Governor--Mining Council Of South Carolina

89-10. Definitions.

89-20. Activities Requiring Permits.

89-30. Exemption from Operating Permit.

89-40. Development of Administrative Forms.

89-50. Application Requirements for a Certificate of Exploration.

89-60. Application Requirements for an Operating Permit.

89-70. Application for a Mining Permit.

89-80. Reclamation Plan.

89-90. Land Entry Agreement.

89-100. Advertising and Notice of an Applicant's Intent to Mine or Substantial Modification of a Permit.

89-110. Public Hearings Upon Request Following Advertisement of Intent to Mine or Substantial Modification of a Permit.

89-120. Terms and Conditions of Permit.

89-130. Operating Permit Survey Control Points.

89-140. Minimum Standards for Environmental Protection and Land Reclamation.

89-150. Surface Blasting Requirements.

89-160. Requirements for Substitution of Land to be Reclaimed.

89-170. Departmental Procedure for Granting a Permit.

89-180. The Reclamation Bond.

89-190. Requirements and Procedures for Handling Surety Bonds or Other Securities.

89-200. Amount of Bond or Other Security.

89-210. Annual Reclamation Report.

89-220. Application for Modifying a Mining Permit and/or Reclamation Plan.

89-230. Transfer of Operating Permit.

89-240. Inspections by the Department.

89-250. Criteria for Determining Amount of Civil Penalty.

89-260. Grounds for Canceling an Application for a Permit.

89-270. Termination of Mining Operation.

89-280. Hearings and Hearing Procedure for Suspension or Revocation of Mining Permits by the Department.

89-290. Hearing Procedure for Appeals of a Decision of the Department to the South Carolina Mining Council.

89-300. Declaratory Ruling.

89-310. Petition for Promulgation, Amendment, or Repeal of Regulations.

89-320. Notices.

89-330. Criteria for Approval of Reclamation Plan and Completed Land Reclamation.

89-340. Fee Schedule.

89-350. Administrative Forms.

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