South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 90 Department Of Motor Vehicles

Article 1 Motorist Insurance Identification Database

90-001. Introduction.

90-002. Definitions.

90-003. Method of Communication Options for Insurers.

90-003.1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Data Communication.

90-003.2. Value Added Network (VAN) Data Communication.

90-003.3. Web Data Communication.

90-004. File Formatting Options.

90-004.1. Electronic Data Interchange Documents.

90-004.2. Text Documents.

90-005. Data Security.

90-006. Types of Transactions.

90-007. Types of Policies.

90-008. Data Elements.

90-009. Implementation Guide.

90-010. Compliance Reporting.

90-010.1. Reporting Options for Compliance Reporting.

90-011. Frequency of Reporting.

90-012. Other Types of Transactions.

Article 2 Truck Driver Schools

90-100. Definitions.

90-101. Requirements and Application for Truck Driver Training School.

90-102. Management, Foreign Applicant, and Application Requirements; Naming Restrictions.

90-103. Truck Driver Training School License Renewal Application.

90-104. Application Information Changes.

90-105. Truck Driver Training School Branch Offices.

90-106. Truck Driver Training School License Required.

90-107. Truck Driver Training School Location, Physical Facilities and Courses of Instruction.

90-108. Facilities, Inspections, Course of Instruction, and Student Requirements.

90-109. Motor Vehicles Used in Instruction.

90-110. Truck Driver Training Motor Vehicles--Identification and Restrictions on Use.

90-111. Truck Driver Training School Motor Vehicle Registration, Insurance, and Inspection.

90-112. Insurance and Inspection Requirements.

90-113. Cancellation and Refund Policy.

90-114. Special Requirements.

90-115. Requirements for Application for Truck Driver Training School Instructor.

90-116. Original Application for Truck Driver Training Instructor's License.

90-117. BTW Truck Driver Training Instructor's License Renewal Application.

90-118. Surrender of Truck Driver Training Instructor's License.

90-119. Truck Driver Training School Enrollment Contract Requirements.

90-120. Contracts.

90-121. Advertising.

90-122. Suspension, Revocation, Refusal to Issue or Renew Truck Driver Training School License.

90-123. Suspension, Revocation, Refusal to Issue or Renew a Truck Driver Training School Instructor's License.

Article 3 Driver Training Schools

90-160. Definitions.

90-161. General Application Requirements.

90-162. Driver Training School License Applicants Requirements.

90-163. Driving School Requirements.

90-164. Driver Training School License Application.

90-165. Driver Training School Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Minimums.

90-166. Liability Insurance Coverage Requirements; Notice of Cancellation.

90-167. Driver Training School Instructor Qualifications.

90-168. Driving Instructors License Application Requirements.

90-169. Driver Training Instructor Licensing.

90-170. Registration, Inspection, and Required Equipment for Motor Vehicles Operated by Driver Training Schools.

90-171. Driver Training School Motor Vehicle Safety and Identification Requirements.

90-172. Driver Training School Facilities.

90-173. Driver Training School Physical Facilities, Hours of Operation, etc.

90-174. Driver Training School Course of Instruction.

90-175. Driver Training School Student Instruction Record.

90-176. Instruction Records and Files.

90-177. Receipts for Fees Paid for Instruction.

90-178. Driver Training School Contracts.

90-179. Driver Training School Contracts, Permanent Records.

90-180. Items Required for Display in Driver Training School Facility.

90-181. Inspection of School Facilities.

90-182. Driver Training School Complaints.

90-183. Driver Training School Advertising.

90-184. Suspension, Revocation, Refusal to Renew Driver Training School License.

90-185. Suspension, Revocation, Refusal to Issue or Renew a Driver Training Instructor's License.

90-186. Judicial Review Procedures.

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