South Carolina Code of Regulations
Chapter 91 Department Of Labor, Licensing And Regulation-- State Board Of Nursing

Article 1 Special Licensure Privileges And Requirements

91-1. Active, Unrestricted Practice of Nursing Required to Supervise Others.

91-2. Nurse Licensure Compact.

Article 2 Nursing Education Programs

91-3. Definitions of Terms Applying to Nursing Programs.

91-4. Mandatory Approval of Nursing Programs.

91-5. Procedure for Survey and Initial Approval of Nursing Programs.

91-6. Out-of-State Nursing Programs Conducting Clinical Experiences in South Carolina.

91-7. Review of Accredited and Board Approved Nursing Programs.

91-8. Closing an Approved Nursing Program.

91-9. Program Changes Requiring Board Approval.

91-10. Program Changes Requiring Board Notification.

91-11. Criteria for Initial and Continuing Approval of Basic Programs Preparing Registered Nurses.

91-12. Criteria for Approval of Basic Programs Preparing Licensed Practical Nurses.

91-13. Board Authority to Grant Waiver.

Article 3 Licenses; Revocation and Suspension; Renewal

91-19. Procedure for Disciplinary Hearings.

Article 4 Fees

91-31. Fees.

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