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(Statutory Authority: 1976 Code Section 56-21-10)

125-1. General Regulations.

The operation of motor vehicles on Winthrop College property is a privilege granted by the Winthrop College Administration. This privilege is extended to all faculty, staff, and students, and those visitors having business at the college. Those individuals who qualify for and who desire to exercise this privilege are expected to adhere to the laws of South Carolina governing the operation of motor vehicles and the regulations for motor vehicles for Winthrop College. Failure to comply with either the Laws of the State or the Regulations of the College will result in a warning, or a penalty that may include the loss of motor vehicle privileges.

These regulations apply to the drivers of all vehicles, whether public or private and are in force twenty-four (24) hours a day unless otherwise provided in these regulations. It is unlawful for any driver to violate any of the provisions of these regulations except as otherwise permitted by these regulations or by the Laws of the State of South Carolina.

The driver of any vehicle shall obey the lawful instruction of any College Security (Police) Officer and of any official traffic sign properly placed in accordance with the provisions of these regulations except when otherwise directed by a Security Officer.

The College shall assume no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or bicycle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on the college property.

125-2. Vehicle Registration.

Motor vehicles must be registered by the end of the second day following the first day of the semester or within twenty-four (24) hours of arrival on campus, whichever is longer.

Motor vehicles may be registered at the College Security Office daily from 8:00 a.m. until 12 midnight.

Only vehicles qualified under Laws of South Carolina for operation on the roadways of South Carolina may be registered.

The registrant must present a valid driver's license, state vehicle registration certificate, and liability insurance policy or certificate to register a vehicle. If the state vehicle registration certificate is in the name of someone other than the prospective Winthrop registrant, written authorization from the legal state registrant must also be presented at the time of registration.

The Winthrop registration sticker must be clearly displayed on the left side of the rear bumper of an automobile for registration to be complete. For vehicles other than automobiles, the location will be specified at the time of registration.

Only one Winthrop registration sticker is to be displayed on a vehicle.

The Winthrop registrant of a vehicle is responsible for parking violations of the vehicle for which he or she is the registrant.

125-3. Visitor Registration.

Visitors to Winthrop College desiring to park on college property during the period 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday may obtain limited time visitor parking permits from the College Security Office or from Department offices in each classroom building.

Visitors who are remaining on campus overnight must register with the College Security Office.

Individuals attending conferences or short courses must obtain Guest Parking Permits which will be available at the conference registration area, as well as at the Security Office.

125-4. Registration Fees.

Regular registration is for one academic year beginning with the first day of registration of the fall semester and ending with the first day of registration of the ensuing fall semester. The full registration fee applies until the first of March at which time the fee is reduced one half.

$4.00 fee for the first registration for students and employees.

$1.00 fee for each additional permit with the understanding that only one of these vehicles will be on campus at one time.

Visitor registration for less than one day is free of charge.

Visitor registration for more than one day is $1.00 per week.

125-5. Registration Sticker Codes.

Registration stickers are coded for purposes of vehicle identification regarding parking privileges. The code is as follows:

E--Employees. All faculty and employees of the College.

S--Resident Students. All students residing in campus housing.

D--Day Students. All students not residing in campus housing.

125-6. Parking Areas.

Vehicles are to be parked only in areas designated by signs as parking areas.

Vehicles bearing Winthrop registration stickers are prohibited from parking in areas marked Visitor Parking.

Areas marked by signs E Parking Only are for vehicles bearing E--Employee stickers.

Areas marked by signs S Parking Only are for vehicles bearing S--Resident Student stickers.

Areas marked by signs D Parking Only are for vehicles bearing D--Day Student stickers.

Areas marked by signs Open Parking are for vehicles bearing a valid Winthrop registration sticker.

Areas marked by E, S, or D Parking Only signs are open parking areas during the period from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Monday night through Thursday night, and from 4:00 p.m. Friday to 7:00 a.m. Monday.

Vehicles are not to be parked in areas marked with yellow curbs or lines.

Vehicles are not to be parked blocking access to dumpsters at any time.

Where parking spaces are indicated by white lines, vehicles must be parked within the spaces so indicated.

Vehicles are not to be parked across areas marked as crosswalk.

Vehicles are not to be parked left of the centerline, where there is two-way traffic.

125-7. Vehicles in Motion.

The maximum legal speed on college property is 20 miles per hour.

Vehicles are to be stopped for pedestrians at marked crosswalks.

Passing of moving vehicles going in the same direction is prohibited.

Driving on grassed areas or walkways is prohibited.

"U" turns are prohibited anywhere on campus.

South Carolina State Highway regulations apply on college property at all times.

125-8. Vehicle Towing and Impounding.

The Winthrop Security Department shall have the power to have a vehicle impounded and towed at the owner's expense and risk under the following conditions:

A. If the motor vehicle is parked in such a way as to block a driveway, to block a service entrance, or to create a hazard to safety.

B. If the motor vehicle is not properly registered.

C. If three or more unpaid traffic violations have been issued against said vehicle.

125-10. Accidents.

Traffic accidents are to be reported immediately to the College Security Officer. Dial 2201 and tell the Security Office the location of the accident and ask them to contact the Security Officer on duty.

125-11. Violations, Penalties, and Bonds.

The driver and/or owner or person in whose name a vehicle is registered shall be responsible for all violations incurred by the vehicle.

Penalties and/or bonds are payable in person or by mail at the Winthrop College Security Office between 8:00 a.m. and 12 midnight.

Schedule of Penalties and Bonds for Moving Vehicle Violations:

1st violation $ 5.00

2nd violation 10.00

3rd violation 15.00 and loss of motor vehicle privileges for up to

one year.

Schedule of Penalties and Bonds for Parked Vehicle Violations:

1st violation $ 2.00

2nd violation 5.00

3rd violation 7.50

4th violation 10.00 and loss of motor vehicle privileges for up to

one year.

Any combination of four (4) moving and parking violations carries a penalty of loss of motor vehicle privileges for up to one year.

The penalty for failing to register a vehicle: $10.00

The penalty for operating a vehicle on campus when motor vehicle privileges have been revoked: $15.00

For delinquent violations not paid after the third day from date of issue, the bond will be doubled, exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays.

Funds received from vehicle registration and penalties are deposited in a special account to be used for surfacing parking areas.

125-12. Appeals.

All individuals receiving citations for violations of these regulations have the right to appeal to the Winthrop College Traffic Committee provided they have paid the bond for the violation and submit the appeal within three (3) days, exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays following the issuance of the citation.

All appeals must be made on Appeal of Motor Vehicle Violation forms obtainable from the College Security Office.

All appeals must be sent to the Chairman of the Traffic Committee whose address will be indicated on the form.

Only appeals made within the prescribed time and on official forms will be considered by the Traffic Committee. Although traffic cases are generally heard only on written appeal, in unusual cases the Traffic Committee may request an appealing party to appear before it.

Action on appeals by the Traffic Committee may be one of the following:

A. Reject the appeal and uphold the citation.

B. Uphold the appeal, erase the violation and refund the amount of the bond.

Decisions of the Traffic Committee are final and binding.

No traffic citation will be voided except as prescribed by these regulations.

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