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134-10. License to Practice Podiatry.

No applicant shall be examined by the Board to practice podiatry in this State unless the applicant shall:

(1) Present such evidence of good moral character as is required by the Board.

(2) Present to the Board's satisfaction, evidence that he:

(a) has received four years of high school training;

(b) has completed at least three years of pre-podiatry training at a recognized college;

(c) has received a diploma or certificate of graduation from a recognized college of podiatric medicine, which has been accredited by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education having a minimum requirement of four consecutive scholastic years embracing at least nine months of instruction each year, a minimum of 3,360 hours in the different calendar years.

(3) The Board may accept, in its discretion, as such satisfactory evidence of graduation, any of the following:

(a) A notarized copy of the applicant's diploma or other certificate of graduation from an approved podiatry college.

(b) A sworn statement from the dean of the podiatry college stating that the applicant has graduated from such podiatry college.

(4) Complete an application to practice podiatry in South Carolina on the form furnished by the Board at least ninety (90) days prior to the date of the examination. In making the application, the applicant authorizes the Board to verify the information contained in the application, or to seek such further information pertinent to the applicant's qualifications or character, as the Board may deem proper.

(5) Pay to the board a fee as prescribed by the Board at the time the application is approved by the Board.

(6) The Board shall require each applicant to successfully complete an examination before such applicant is licensed. The examination given by the Board may be given either verbally or in writing, or by any combination of such methods as the Board may, in its discretion, require.

HISTORY: Amended by State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993; State Register Volume 36, Issue No. 6, eff June 22, 2012.

134-20. Fees to Practice Podiatry.

Fees to practice podiatry are as follows:

(1) License Renewal Fee ($100.00)

(2) Late License Renewal ($200.00)

(3) License Reinstatement Fee ($75.00, plus a $5.00 per day penalty, to be assessed starting three months from the date of notification by the Secretary that said fee is due)

HISTORY: Amended by State Register Volume 17, Issue No. 5, Part 3, eff May 28, 1993.

134-30. Requirements for Written Examinations.

(1) A letter of formal application, stating the reason(s) for selecting the State of South Carolina.

(2) A certified copy of high school credits.

(3) A certified copy of college records showing successful completion of at least three (3) years of podiatry training at a recognized college, including grades and credits.

(4) A certified copy of records from profession school.

(5) A certified copy of diploma from an accredited college of podiatric medicine.

(6) A certified copy of birth certificate.

(7) A notarized recent photograph of the applicant.

(8) Applicant's oath completed and notarized.

(9) Three (3) letters of reference from persons other than relatives.

(10) The results of both parts of the National Board of Podiatry Examination.

(11) Applicant's social security number.

(12) A listing of all states in which the applicant is licensed and how each license was obtained (i.e., by examination, by reciprocity, by "other--please explain").

(13) A statement as to whether or not disciplinary action has been brought against the applicant's license within the last five (5) years. If yes, an explanation of why.

(14) Payment of examination fee upon approval of application by the Board.

(15) If the applicant was discharged from military services within the past ten (10) years, he must submit satisfactory evidence of an honorable discharge.

No applicant with an incomplete application shall be eligible to take the examination.

134-40. Fees for Examinations.

Fees for examination are as follow:

(1) Examination Fee ($400.00)

(2) Re-Examination Fee ($400.00)

134-50. Procedure for Re-examination and Review of Examination.

The applicants who fail the examination may take the next scheduled examination, if eligible to do so. An applicant shall be eligible for re-examination by the Board within six (6) months providing:

(1) The applicant makes a formal request to the Board for re-examination with payment of original exam fee.

(2) Only two (2) such re-examinations shall be permitted under the privilege of the original application.

(3) Candidates who fail the examination may request a review of individual test scores, but may not see the examination questions for security reasons.

The Board will consider a request for review of individual test scores only when the request is presented in writing and received within sixty (60) days after the test results have been released.

(4) Candidates who fail the examination, and are granted a review, will be assessed the reasonable cost of this review unless review takes place at a regular meeting of the Board.

HISTORY: Amended by State Register Volume 36, Issue No. 6, eff June 22, 2012.

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