Transcript of Public Hearings - April 13-15, 2009

Note regarding accessing Transcripts from the Judicial Merit Selection Commission public screening hearings held April 13, 14, and 15, 2009:

Hearing transcripts are in .txt format. You may search for words or names as you do in other programs such as Word.

Because of the length of the transcripts, they have been divided into Volumes I, II and III. The date of each hearing and the beginning times are listed on the cover sheet of each volume. You will find an index to each candidate’s hearing at the end of each volume.

All exhibits are in .pdf format. Pertinent exhibits to each transcript volume are listed under each volume. Because of the format, you will not be able to enter search words in the exhibits. You can, however, scroll through each set of exhibits until you find the information you seek.

Volume I (April 13, 2009) (TXT file)

  • Exhibits 1-5 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 6-13 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 14-19 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 20-23 (PDF format)

  • Volume II (April 14, 2009) (TXT file)

  • Exhibits 1-9 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 10-15 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 16-20 (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 21-25 (PDF format)

  • Volume III (April 15, 2009) (TXT file)

  • Exhibits 1-3A (PDF format)
  • Exhibits 4-6A (PDF format)

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