South Carolina Legislature

Governor's Executive Orders


Orders by Governor Henry McMaster

2017-04 Accepting Resignation of Rep. Mick Mulvaney and Ordering Special Election for S.C. Fifth Congressional District
2017-05 Suspending Mohsen A. Baddourah from Columbia City Council
2017-06 Granting Leave with Pay to State Employees
2017-07 Appointment of Cindy Chitty as Dorchester County Treasurer
2017-08 Establishing the South Carolina Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Executive Oversight Group
2017-09 Ordering a Review of Cabinet Agency Regulations
2017-10 Appointing Williamsburg County Auditor
2017-11 Updating South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan
2017-12 Ordering New Special Referendum Election for Pelham-Batesville Fire District
2017-13 Declaring Reciprocal Transportation Emergency for North Carolina
2017-14 Appointing Edgefield County Probate Judge
2017-15 Ordering State Agencies to Cease Providing State or Local Funds to Medical Practices Affiliated with Abortion Clinics
2017-16 Suspending Michael Andrew Singleton from Norway Town Council
2017-17 Placing SC National Guard on State Duty in Support of Texas (Harvey)
2017-18 Declaration of State of Emergency (Harvey)
2017-19 Waiving HOS and Weight Requirements Due to Hurricane Harvey
2017-20 Declaration of State of Emergency (Irma)
2017-21 Waiving HOS and Weight Requirements Due to Hurricane Irma
2017-22 Direction to Evaluate Dams and Reservoirs to Protect Life and Property
2017-23 Evacuation of Healthcare Facilities

Visit the Executive Orders Page at the Governor's web site for the latest information.


Orders by Governor Nikki R. Haley

2017-01 Declaring State of Emergency for Winter Weather
2017-02 Waiving HOS Requirements Due to NC Emergency
2017-03 Granting Leave to State Employees for Winter Weather

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