WHEREAS, South Carolina’s military installations and facilities are essential to the national defense and to the safety and security of our citizens; and

WHEREAS, military installations and facilities, military personnel and their families, and military retirees located in South Carolina are vital participants in this State’s economy; and

WHEREAS, it is this State’s intent to develop programs to assist communities in supporting their local military installations and activities to enable South Carolina to maintain its strong military heritage and presence; and

WHEREAS, South Carolina is committed to creating a business climate favorable to military installations and activities, and to enhancing the quality of life for military personnel living in this State; and

WHEREAS, this State supports the continuing transformation of our armed forces in order to enhance our national defense and reduce base operating costs; and

WHEREAS, facilitating the interaction between government and private sector leadership is crucial to maintain a vital United States Department of Defense presence in South Carolina; and

WHEREAS, a coordinated national, state, local, and community effort is fundamental to the strategic planning of the communities associated with this State’s military installations and activities.

NOW, THEREFORE, I do hereby reconstitute the South Carolina Military Base Task Force (“Task Force”) for the purpose of enhancing the value of military installations and facilities and the quality of life for military personnel located in this State. The Task Force shall assist military communities with such value enhancement, address the various incentives to military personnel assigned in this State, coordinate the efforts of the military communities, and provide for other methods and incentives to accomplish these purposes. The Task Force shall coordinate efforts among the public and the private sectors to maintain a significant United States Department of Defense presence in South Carolina. The Task Force shall advise the Governor on any issues and strategies related to military base closures, realignments, and mission changes.

1. The reconstituted Task Force shall be comprised of the following individuals or their designees:

South Carolina Adjutant General
Secretary of the South Carolina Department of Commerce
Director of the Governor’s Office of Veterans Affairs
Executive Director of South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
Chief Executive Officer of Beaufort Chamber of Commerce
Chief Executive Officer of Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
Chief Executive Officer of Columbia Chamber of Commerce
Chief Executive Officer of Sumter Chamber of Commerce
Chairperson of Beaufort County Council
Chairperson of Berkeley County Council
Chairperson of Charleston County Council
Chairperson of Richland County Council
Chairperson of Sumter County Council
Mayor of Beaufort
Mayor of Charleston
Mayor of Columbia
Mayor of North Charleston
Mayor of Port Royal
Mayor of Sumter

(a) The Governor shall also appoint one or more members of the Senate and/or of the House of Representatives to the Task Force.

(b) The Governor shall appoint five at-large members:

(1) to be eligible for appointment by the Governor as an at-large member, a person must have demonstrated experience in one or more of the following areas: economic development, defense industry, military installation operation, environmental issues, finance, local government, or senior military leadership;

(2) four of the at-large members shall represent, respectively, the four military communities (Beaufort, Charleston, Columbia, and Sumter) and each shall reside in the military community which he/she is appointed to represent;

(3) the Governor shall appoint a fifth at-large member who shall also serve as the Task Force Chairman.

(c) The Governor may designate any one of the members of the Task Force as its Vice-Chairman.

(d) The Governor may provide staff support and other resources as necessary, through Task Force funding provided by the General Assembly and/or other sources and administered by the South Carolina Budget and Control Board, to assist the Task Force in carrying out the directives of this Executive Order.

(e) The Task Force Chairman shall appoint an Executive Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman (if any), Adjutant General (or his designated representative), Executive Coordinator (if any), and four (4) of the Task Force membership who represent, respectively, the four military communities (Beaufort, Charleston, Columbia, and Sumter).

2. The Task Force Executive Committee shall also act as an executive advisory committee to the Governor on various military matters that affect this State; and coordinate an annual meeting between the Governor, military commanders, and General Assembly members geographically representing military communities to discuss items of interest to all parties and exchange pertinent information on the current climate and challenges facing our state’s military installations and their personnel.

3. Upon approval of the Governor, the Task Force may pursue specialists to provide information and assistance, develop strategic plans, and assist executing strategies to support military installations and their related military communities to maximize the potential for increased investment by the United States Department of Defense or other defense-related federal agencies and defense related businesses in this State.

This Order, 2011-21, shall take effect immediately and replace Executive Order 2006-05.



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