Legislation Pending On The House Calendar

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The following legislation was pending on the House Calendar when the regular session of the General Assembly came to an end on Thursday, June 1.

State Lottery (H. 3772, Rep. Scott). This joint resolution proposes to amend the South Carolina Constitution to authorize a state lottery. Of revenues derived from the lottery, not more than 15 percent may be used for the lottery's operational expenses, with 50 percent expended as prizes. Revenues remaining after payment of prizes and lottery operational expenses must be spent each year as follows: 75 percent for property tax relief for owner-occupied property and 25 percent for senior citizens as credit toward purchase of prescription medication.

Status: Given second reading in the House by a vote of 64-43 on May 29, 1995; debate on proposal adjourned until June 2, 1995. (NOTE: Because H. 3772 proposes to amend the Constitution, a two-thirds affirmative vote of the entire membership of the House is required on third reading to approve this measure, meaning that 83 of the 124 representatives must favor it.)

Workers' Compensation Reform (H. 3931, House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee). This bill contains a number of provisions concerning awarding of benefits under the State's Workers' Compensation System. Among other things, the bill lists conditions under which mental illness resulting from work-related stress is compensable; prohibits an unauthorized health care provider from actively pursuing collection procedures against a workers' compensation claimant prior to final adjudication of the claimant's claim; states a formula for calculating "average weekly wage" for purposes of workers' compensation payments; and revises requirements for the reporting of workplace injuries to the Workers' Compensation Commission.

Status: Pending on House Statewide Second Reading Contested Calendar.