South Carolina General Assembly
108th Session, 1989-1990
Journal of the House of Representatives

Friday, June 9, 1989
(Local Session)

Indicates Matter Stricken
Indicates New Matter

The House assembled at 10:00 A.M.

Deliberations were opened with prayer by the Chaplain of the House of Representatives, the Rev. Dr. Alton C. Clark as follows:

O God of unbounding love and abundant blessings, make us receptive to Your coming: if in the quiet pause, help us to hear Your still, small voice; if in the tumult of the noisy crowd, may we welcome Your message; if as one who is hungry, tired or sick, help us to open the door of our hearts with understanding and compassion; if in the pleading voice of our consciences, give us to hear what You say. However You speak to us, may we hear Your Voice clearly, and willingly and unhesitatingly obey it in our work in this place and everywhere.

Hear us, good Lord, as we pray humbly and thankfully.


After corrections to the Journal of the proceedings of yesterday, the SPEAKER ordered it confirmed.


At 10:20 A.M. the House in accordance with S. 826, (Sine Die Adjournment Resolution), adjourned to meet at 10:00 A.M., Tuesday, June 13.

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