South Carolina General Assembly
110th Session, 1993-1994
Journal of the House of Representatives

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1994

Friday, April 15, 1994
(Local Session)

Indicates Matter Stricken
Indicates New Matter

The House assembled at 10:00 A.M.

Deliberations were opened with prayer by the Chaplain of the House of Representatives, the Rev. Dr. Alton C. Clark as follows:

Eternal God, infinite and unchanging, rekindle within us the fires of pure religion and true patriotism. As our fathers trusted in You, cause us to know that in the march of time, You are the same yesterday, today, and in the future. Correct our mistakes, overrule erroneous judgments. Guide by Your perfect wisdom all who bear public office that they may be true servants of the welfare of Your people. Be with us in actions great and small. In the words of the hymn writer, we would say: "I do not ask to see the distant scene - one step is enough for me."

We pray in the Name of Him Who was servant of all. Amen.

After corrections to the Journal of the proceedings of yesterday, the SPEAKER ordered it confirmed.


At 10:05 A.M. the House in accordance with the ruling of the SPEAKER adjourned to meet at 12:00 Noon, Tuesday, April 19.

* * *

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