South Carolina General Assembly

    1       Code of Laws
    2       Repeal Obsolete Budget Responsibilities
    3       Repeal Budget Report Dates
    4       Educational Assistance Endowment Fund Name Change (Barnwell)
    5       Gas Tax to State Highway Fund Phase-In
    6       "C" Funds Allocation Change
    7       Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Account
    8       Manufacturing Depreciation for Property Tax Purposes
    9       Senior Citizen's Income Tax Relief
   10       Water Recreational Resources Fund
   11       Victim's Assistance Program Transfers/Battered Spouse & Rape Crisis
   12       Repeal Reporting of Indebtedness
   13       Repeal Statewide Vendor Coding System
   14       Repeal Issuance of Duplicate Receipts
   15       Repeal Withholding of Appropriations
   16       Responsibility for Personal Property
   17       County Salary Supplements
   18       General Assembly Adjournment
   19       Patriot's Point Loan Repayment Extension
   20       Palmetto Fellows Scholarship  (Barnwell)
   21       USC Athletic Facility Revenue Bond Act
   22       Higher Education Revenue Bond Act
   23       Repeal Business Ed Partnership & Business-Education Subcommittee
   24       Children's Education Endowment Fund/Public School Facilities Assistance  (Barnwell)
   25       Circuit Solicitors Salary
   26       Defense of Indigents
   27       Secretary of State - Securities Division Transfer
   28       Secretary of State - Public Charities Division Transfer
   29       Department of Public Safety - Revenues
   30       Department of Public Safety - FOI Copy Fee
   31       Department of Public Safety - Release of Motor Vehicle Registration Information
   32       Property Tax Growth Restraint
   33       Property Tax Relief Fund Millage Cap
   34       Single Gender Education
   35       Reorganization Commission & Repeal Various Joint Committees
   36       State Board of Education & CHE Duties
   37       Motorcycle Rider Safety Education Program
   38       Local School Innovation Fund - Adult Education
   39       Limits on Property Tax & Millage Fee - Counties & Municipalities
   40       Exclude Transferable CDs from "Security" Definition/Securities Commissioner
   41       Limits on Property Tax & Millage Fee - Special Purpose, Public Service, School Districts
   42       Motor Vehicle Record Information
   43       LAC Assist w/ Zero Base Budgeting
   44       Establish Capital Projects Oversight Committee
   45       DNR Enforcement Officer Requirements