South Carolina General Assembly

General Appropriations Bill H. 4600 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1996

Fiscal Year 1995-96 Supplemental Appropriations

SECTION 1. (A) The sources of general fund surplus revenues appropriated in this Part are as follows:

  (1)    $74,188,925  Fiscal Year 1995-96 BEA Estimated Surplus
  (2)        508,869  Lapse of Federal Retiree Refunds
         $74,697,794  Total

(B) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Department of Revenue and Taxation shall remit to the general fund, before the close of fiscal year 1995-96, the amount of $508,869. This amount represents unexpended appropriations from the Federal Retiree Lawsuit Settlement Fund.

SECTION 2. From such fiscal year 1995-96 surplus general funds revenues as are available, the following sums are appropriated from the general fund of the state for the purposes stated:

  (1)    1996 Property Tax Relief Fund                   $20,156,314

  (2)    Aid to Subdivisions
            Local Government Fund                          4,830,314

  (3)    Department of Social Services
            Emotionally Disturbed Children Program        12,000,000

  (4)    Commission on Higher Education
            (a) EPSCOR                                     2,000,000
            (b) SCAMP                                        600,000

  (5)    Department of Social Services
            Welfare Reform                                 2,000,000

  (6)    Department of Probation, Pardon & Parole
            Probation & Parole Agents                      1,658,116

  (7)    Commission on Indigent Defense
            Administration                                     1,500

  (8)    Department of Health & Human Services
            (a) Medicaid FY 97 Growth in Eligibles         1,179,878
            (b) Additional Medicaid Nursing Home Beds      2,142,000
            (c) Additional Community Long Term 
                Care Slots                                 1,589,100

  (9)    Department of Health & Environmental Control
            (a) Immunizations - Replacement of 
                Federal Funds                              3,800,212
            (b) Rape Crisis Hold-Harmless                     30,000
            (c) Lancaster Rural Health Clinic                150,000

 (10)    Department of Disabilities & Special Needs
            Family Support Program                         1,950,000

 (11)    Department of Corrections
            Open Kershaw Prison                            5,146,000

 (12)    Department of Health & Environmental Control
            EQC Permit Process                             1,000,000

 (13)    Commission on Higher Education
            Greenville Higher Ed Consortium
              Physical Therapy Program                       300,000

 (14)    University of South Carolina
            Institute of Public Affairs                      200,000

 (15)    Budget & Control Board - Div. of Executive Director
            (a) Public Education Equity Lawsuit              150,000
            (b) State House Renovations                      111,617

 (16)    Budget & Control Board - State Auditor
            Computer Upgrade                                 168,000

 (17)    Department of Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Services
            The Bridge Juvenile Treatment Program            400,000

 (18)    Department of Social Services
            Kellogg Initiative for Foster Care Improvements  678,000

 (19)    Human Affairs Commission
            Investigators                                    150,000

 (20)    Commission on Minority Affairs
            Equipment                                         12,000

 (21)    Governor's Office - Division on Aging
            Alzheimers Grants                                 50,000

 (22)    Judicial Department
            (a) Alternative Dispute Resolution               100,000
            (b) Judges Equipment                              96,400

 (23)    Sentencing Guidelines Commission
         Statistician Position & Other Operating               6,000

 (24)    Office of Appellate Defense
            Administration                                    72,959

 (25)    Commission on Higher Education
            SREB Fees and Contracts                           39,150

 (26)    School for the Deaf & Blind
            (a) Rock Hill Outreach Service Center             44,000
            (b) Training and Staff Development               128,150

 (27)    Department of Archives & History
            Video Tapes & Curriculum Development              34,000

 (28)    Attorney General
            Computer Upgrade                                  50,000

 (29)    State Department of Education
            Governor's School For Science & Math              25,625

 (30)    Adjutant General
            Buildings & Grounds                               15,000

 (31)    Forestry Commission
            H. Cooper Black Jr. Field Trial Area             100,000

 (32)    Department of Agriculture
            Agricultural Marketing                            50,800

 (33)    Commission for the Blind
            Roof Repairs                                     391,840

 (34)    Department of Natural Resources
            (a) Heritage Trust                               200,000
            (b) Dennis Wildlife Center                       100,000

 (35)    Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
            Carolina Cup Racing Association - Permanent 
            Improvement                                       50,000

 (36)    Department of Commerce
            Coordinating Council - Economic 
            Development                                   10,740,819

Total Funds                                              $74,697,794

SECTION 3. (A) Appropriations in Section 2 are in priority order beginning with item (1) and each separate appropriation item or subitem must be funded before the next appropriation item or subitem in order is paid.

(B) Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this Part may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

SECTION 4. Except where otherwise provided, this Part takes effect upon approval by the Governor, but no appropriation in Section 2 may be paid until the Comptroller General closes the state's books on fiscal year 1995- 96.

End of Part V