South Carolina General Assembly

General Appropriations Bill H. 3400 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1997

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 1                                                                                             PART IB
 3                                                                OPERATION OF STATE GOVERNMENT
 5     SECTION 1
 7         1.      (Revenues, Deposits Credited to General Fund)  For the current fiscal year, except as hereinafter specifically
 8     provided, all general state revenues derived from taxation, licenses, fees, or from any other source whatsoever, and all
 9     institutional and departmental revenues or collections, including income from taxes, licenses, fees, the sale of commodities
10     and services, and income derived from any other departmental or institutional source of activity, must be remitted to the
11     State Treasurer at least once each week, when practical, and must be credited, unless otherwise directed by law, to the
12     General Fund of the State.  Each institution, department or agency, in remitting such income to the State Treasurer, shall
13     attach with each such remittance a report or statement, showing in detail the sources itemized according to standard budget
14     classification from which such income was derived, and shall, at the same time, forward a copy of such report or statement
15     to the Comptroller General and the State Budget and Control Board.  In order to facilitate the immediate deposit of
16     collections, refunds of such collections by the State institutions where properly approved by the authorities of same, may
17     be made in accordance with directions from the State Comptroller General and State Treasurer.  Revenues derived from the
18     General Retail Sales Tax, the Soft Drinks Tax, and the State's portion of Revenue derived from the Alcoholic Liquors Tax
19     and Cable Television Fees, must be expended to cover appropriations herein made for the support of the public school
20     system of the State only, and any amount of such appropriations in excess of these revenues shall be paid from other General
21     Fund Revenues.  Appropriations in this Act for the support of the public school system shall include the following:
22                  Department of Education;
23                  State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education;
24                  Educational Television Commission;
25                  Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School;
26                  School for the Deaf and the Blind;
27                  John de la Howe School;
28                  Debt Service on Capital Improvement Bonds Applicable to
29                      Above Agencies;
30                  Debt Service on School Bonds.
31                  Other School Purposes.
33     SECTION 1A
35         1.      (Use of Funds)  It is the intent of the General Assembly to appropriate all State funds and to authorize and/or
36     appropriate the use of all Federal and other funds for the operations of State agencies and institutions for the current fiscal
37     year.  Transfers of funds may be approved by the Budget and Control Board under its authority or by the agency as set forth
38     herein in Section 72.9.  Any agency which requests or transfers personal service funds must indicate on the transfer
39     document whether or not a reduction in force is involved.  To the extent practicable, all agencies and institutions having
40     Federal or other funds available for the financing of their operation shall expend such funds in accordance with the intent
41     of this Act.  The authorization to spend Federal and other funds shall be decreased to the extent that receipts from these

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 1     sources do not meet the estimates as reflected  in each Section of this Act; and any increase shall be authorized through the
 2     review process as set forth in Act 651 of 1978 as amended.
 4     SECTION 2
 6         1.          (Appropriations From Funds)  Subject to the terms and conditions of this act, the sums of money set forth in this
 7     Part, if so much is necessary, are appropriated from the general fund of the state, the education improvement act fund, the
 8     highways and public transportation fund, and other applicable funds, to meet the ordinary expenses of the state government
 9     for Fiscal Year 1996-97 1997-98, and for other purposes specifically designated.
11     SECTION 2A
13         1.      (Fiscal Year Definitions)  For purposes of the appropriations made by this Part, "current fiscal year" means the fiscal
14     year beginning July 1, 1996 1997, and ending June 30, 1997 1998, and "prior fiscal year" means the fiscal year beginning
15     July 1, 1995 1996, and ending June 30, 1996 1997.
16         2.      (Descriptive Proviso Titles)  Descriptive proviso titles listed in this Act are for purposes of identification only and
17     are not to be considered part of the official text.